Destiny's Destination

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I have never been so satisfied about my destiny until today.  Repressing on times when I was too little to understand how perfect I was in the mirror.  Never realized why I was not able to take that ego trip.  Never realized why my ego was not mutual.  So many times I shunned myself because it was natural for me to be me.  I remember two tears ran down my face, racing each other with no purpose, no destination, just a descending motion.  The reward was only the winner concluding first, but got no where.  The disadvantaged was left with no cease and confusion, following behind.  Thinking that it's time was up, but saved when I erased my remembering face.  That tear still apart of me, motivating me to be my own race.  Keeping pace of my own faith.  Whether it be fast or slow, a destination is all I want.  Whether there be ups or downs, as long as the destination is still visible due to my past and present for my future.  It is my destination, and no other's.  I determined it.  I gave up on myself once before, but I am God's tear that has been saved.  Every loved one in my path shall meet me.  The others that raced me and won shall watch.  I thank those as well.  Advisor of my lessons.  I doubt no one, but I welcome doubters of me to remind me of the little me I gave up on.  It may not be my destination, but it is a destination. That destination will be mines.  I kept and keep going.  My heart is on the line.  My health is on the line.  My gene is on the line.  Whether this line zigzags, curls, or breaks, what makes me me, will not fail my destiny.  

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