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I love you  But it feels like blood isn’t thicker than water.  We’re not the same, & I thought we would have an eternal flame I mourn for what once was
I love you  But it feels like blood isn’t thicker than water.  We’re not the same, & I thought we would have an eternal flame I mourn for what once was
Because, she is everything.  She is all the things I am not And all the things I wish I could be Everywhere she is full Is a place I feel so empty.    It's a hard feeling to describe
We used to fight like tigers on the meat, I always seemed to take the heat, if you got busted doing something wrong, I jumped right in and sang my song, yes I did it, you’ve got your man, he dished it out and called my hand.
“I want to go to New York” She says. I look back at her. My little sister With excitement in her eyes. Now she stands
Abandoning our home, parting with friends and family, casting aside the old dependable ways, the safe comfort of a parent’s home, we venture forth into unfamiliar surroundings, daunting tasks laid out before us, exhilarating, scenic, magnificent s
My groovy sister You are the most ravishing sister I will find you a ravishing mister Thankyou for for holding my back Nevertheless you are such a crack You are fortunate that you got me
The day is comingWhen you left me aloneI can no longer see your smileNo longer call you on the phoneI miss the way you used to laughThe long talks we had late at nightI even miss our bickering
With the recent loss of my mom and dad, I can’t help to think how each of my sisters and brother are dealing in their own way with the loss.
These hands. These hands hold so much. These hands can hold the world, a heart, the power. So much counts on these hands, your hands, and yours.
Since the day you were born, I have loved you.
At first sight, I gave you my heart. I knew that from the start.   Big gray eyes and cute little curls. Now, you are my world.   Sister, sister I cherish you. Sister, sister I love you.  
(otherwise titled psalm to Amelie Beth by Matthew Scott, his genuine, gluten free and non GMO poetic non fake appreciative guise.)   Ah, thee availed me reason to craft a poem with rhyme or reason,
Painted walls, guide my rough fingertips Cracked movements trip my aloof mind, Feeling distinct Familiar even, A cool autumn breeze runs up my spine, Prickling my skin into reality.  
Playful smiles Colorful walls wrapped up like gifts Evenings of laughter Car rides that turned to roller coasters
Sister, oh sister She is gone, but oh how I miss her I never got hold her Never got to kiss her I was supposed to teach her
Anger, a muscle memory, triggered by his voice now teasing, now taunting, now icy creeping in my ears and down my spine.    Like tomcats we clawed,  screeched at each other, like 
    She’s like my first child you know  I carry her weight on my shoulders  But she’s not a kid anymore  Man she’s getting older 
They're sisters for each other, but still bicker Family that once was   Then the summer of 2012 comes around An eleven-year-old girl
I prowl the internet late at night and everyone tells me it’s terrible for sleep but I do it anyway. I learn a lot from the late-night internet and
  My dear sister,    How much I've grown for you.   When the harsh reality of the world tried to beat us down I shielded you,
Days of youth containing cheerful screaming, Hours of running and spreading laughter Are jointly held through the room of dreaming The place that we take care and look after
My secret sister, softly whisper now to sweep away old memory and cry a bouncing chubby babe on momma's lap stay far away from florid dreams of lies
Your hunger for wanting what was between my legs at the age of five. All the blood coming out making me empty inside. My childhood being torn away like a leaf floating in the air.
She was the initial experience A fright, or perhaps a hope And although wrapped in her benevolence Struggled in heading up the slope A cliche appears more as a provocation
Those hazel eyes reflected her smile, The tiny feet ran to me, A jump into my arms was all it took, And my little girl in blue was she.
O Sis, could I love thee like no other. For before my young eyes only squinted, A face inoffensive to our mother. I was, but a statue: black and minted.   Did not my ears think or care to listen
you've left this world, twelve years have gone by now.i've forgotten the sound of words as they left your mouth.i've forgotten how your arms squeezed tightly about me,and i've forgotten what it was like when you were here.
  A sister who loved. A sister who cried. The girl who touched everyone’s lives. To me she gave the gift of ambition, the gift of a dream, with all of her strength.   
Tassels of ebon hair That spilled over your shoulders Like rich coffee With a hint of creme. You smiled at me With those freckles that stood out against your pale skin And those rosy red lips
She is a cycle she doesn't understand. A whirlwind that sweeps you away without asking, a vacuum you never want to be free from. She engulfs you in her light when she's laughing, yet she's blind to her own brilliance.
Mentor was what refered to you First thing on my mind was always you Yet what exactly have you done? You've always risen higher than I had ever hoped You were a beacon of light with no such awareness
Our grandparents had given me ten dollars as my late fourteenth birthday present; my little sister and I made the mile-long treck down to the corner store. "...even though we're not even supposed to be 
My name is a tombstone rubbing,I am dead and rotten,Flesh and coffin long forgotten,To roam the world underneath,In rubble, stone, and compost heaps,Lay not lilies at my feet,For I am no longer there
I was in a grey battlefield death and steam surrounding me when a little blonde girl   in a blue sundress with white flowers held my hand and led me out. She didn't even pay attention to
We sat on a Telletubby blanket the first time I held you and you weren't bigger than a box of cereal. You grew up in front of your two big sisters faster than they were prepared for,
What happened to my sister? Smart, beautiful, loving, and caring. Long brown hair, pretty blue eyes, 5’5. Pink and black jacket, jeans and black D.C.’s. Kaitlyn.
I have grown more emotion, as I fill my empty void with memories. My childhood has been replaced with the deep though of death. I've said goodbye 1 to many times. Please don't haunt me my dear sister.
A poem writen by my brother and I: Brother, how you push all my buttons, But I still love you, Sister, though you tease me, I still love you, Brother, how you aggrivate, But I still love you,
Dear Faith,   Today I realized that I’ve never visited your grave. I wonder what that would feel like To stand on the spot of grass above your body.
Dear Sister,   When you were born I remember receiving A bright red camera I remember Clutching it close
Dearest Amanda,   In our darkest hour my mind replays, a memory:   My eyes are pulled to where the road seems to bend, where the trees are not green, where the long river ends.
Dear Siblings, You’ll never know me Not as a sister, More like a mother   Amelia, when you learn to drive I’ll be 30 8 years younger than Our parents are now  
Dear Celeste, You've made an impact on my life You made me let go of all my strife You helped me turn my life around You caught me before I hit the ground You helped me heal You taught me how to feel
Little Sister,   Please, baby sister Stop tearing at your body. Your heart Your soul Is crying, Baby sister You will never find purpose in the clouds of smoke
Dear Life,   Why must you bore me? Why must I fill myself with blasts of RGB from a screen just to have purpose? Why can't you satisfy me? Why must I let you make me such a mess?
To my dear sister Ciara,   So This My Tribute To You   Blonde was her hair, And pale was her color, She stood about 5’4,
Dear Baby Girl,   When I left for college two years prior, You were fourteen and still a baby. And look at you now; A young woman in the making – A flower blooming in the spring,
Yet another birthday around the corner But this time you're 16 I've been writing you letters since you were 13 All of them hanging on the wall makes me feel like a good sister  
 I know What makes you happyHow to annoy you   (Not too much)How to argue with youAnd make up 5 minutes later I’ve known youAs long as I’ve know myself  YourFlaws are your quirksImperfections are your talents I haveTrust and faith in youInfante lo
 I know What makes you happyHow to push your buttons     (Not too much)How to argue with youAnd make up 5 minutes later I’ve known youAs long as I’ve know myself  YourFlaws are your quirksImperfections are your talents I haveTrust and faith in you
Have you ever asked me if I was okay?  Have you ever asked me how was my day? Money is all you cared about And you got it no matter where you stayed You didn't care about my emotions
Houston, Texas is the sex trafficking capital of the United States. The average age of female victims that are first captured is  12-14 years old
I was born in two halves: Red and Gold Our colors mixed in the wind of our laughter our tears our screams our shared stories Colors flew when we hurled words at each other like vocally loaded bullets 
My twin sister, my dearest Mariah Two minutes seemed to set the scene for our lives You, by two, are my elder And you are my muse My other half, my dearest Mariah
Dear baby sister,   Always remember to love Love with every fiber of your being And with no regrets Let your walls down And accept the happiness That you deserve And always know
My parents are LOVE. They argue, they fuss and downright disagree with each other, often. LOVE is not seeing eye to eye. They like different movies but every once in awhile they find one together.
Because I love you, I waited months until I could first hold you, To see your swaddled body in the hospital room. Because I love you, I stroked your curly dark hair as gently as I could because
I reach down and take your hand in mine And it is cold but still comforting As we look down from this hill Together We can stay here, if you want At least until kindergarten
Vivian Emily Sarah The baby names fly through the house Breaths of hope And anxiety The books of names start appearing
Three Simple Words Created Upon The Lords Have Such Meaning For Such a Robust Feeling   Mom Dad Sister Brother If It's Not One Thing It's Another Relationship With The Other
A bond that will last always My lovely sister I would die for you, Because our bond will never break.  
Once upon a time There was a little girl Her eyes shined brighter than the Sun in the morning  She was the Moon and I was the stars Adoring her light
Little flower. Planted in the concrete, you tried to grow. It's not your fault. There are one hundred million people trying just like you. Crying, weeping, praying.. Please know you are more then they made you.
every year for as long as i can remember my mom has tried to grow a rose bush. key word tried.
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
She grows up She's not the same as she was first born she grew bigger than I had imagined She's more taller and has a beautiful stance whenever she aligns her feet underneath the doorway of my room
Dear Little Sister,You’re not so little now,And you never really were.You’re still 3 minutes younger,So what I say is still true. But,Dear Little Sister,just like how you aren’t so little anymore,Things have changed between us.Such asA rift as str
  It was in her younger years, When she saw her parents fears. Her sister would be gone, Then the police would appear.  
Cassandra Cassandra My Guardian Angel Precious Smile Shining like The Bright Sun Long Beautiful Flapping Wings that Spread with Joy Cassandra Cassandra My Precious Big Sister
Hushed are the mornings, not one chore yet to do. The wind wafts over from my open window, cool and light. The solid hardwood on my bare feet,
  elbows Would you like to eat some elbows, in the summertime? The story’s told that pepper and salt makes them taste real fine.   They say to munch them on the left
My little sister loved eggs. Every time we went over to Aunt Mary’s house, With her coops of cocks and chickens, She had to see some freshly laid Eggs.
To be one of manyTo be one of many means that I walk around with a flaming red target on my back.And like the Bull you are you try to attack.To be one of many means that I can't walk into a store without your watchful eyes on my hands.To be one of
I walk and walk my legs feeling like a crumbling sand castle I start to feel dizzy seeing the animated birds and stars spinning around my head like a halo  
  To Aliza Le   I remember, sister-- The boys who used to pick at my sexuality like daisies
"Damn, what a fam," I say to myself As I admire our picture on the shelf   Ask anyone of us We'll tell you that we're the best
I look in my mirror everyday, I always ask "are you ok?" My mirror does not like to talk, only to listen My mirror will never leave me on my mission but what if my mirror is gone? what if I am left all alone?
Sister you are me You are all of me You are a part of me  Without you I am not me Without you these things wouldn't be: Coffee dates on rainy days Embarrasing videos we post for all to see
My Sister's special... and she's unique too... She's not just like me, or like you.   God made her different, in a beautiful way, and He reminds me of that every day...  
Hidden Beauty |~Taylor Freeman~| Losing someone is extremely difficult. But when they are close to someone so young that’s the worst. Our father was killed in war;
I have never been stranded on a deserted island, butI've seen others go. Many a friend has walked alongThat infamous way so broken and winding, off to distant shores.They walk, then run, then swim, to a land
The dark eyes, the quipped comments and scoffs the slender fingers and round face.   What can’t you live without? Her face flashes immediately in your mind. Her smile, her laugh.  
"Remember my darling - you always have each other." I couldn't tell if it was true or not, my soft brown-green eyes were always searching for someone else that didn't look like me.  
Disenfranchised young criminal minds  In a field where our thought resides Speaking like we're bigger than our bodies Let me tell you about this girl She puts my beliefs in a twirl
The bestfriend we all wished we had  to tell secrets all good and bad  She is the reason I still live  Anything for her, I will give  My little sister how mean she can be  I can never imagine her leaving me
My little flower, I have watered you from a seed, and soon you will bloom. Such a beauty, my sister. I could not be without my little flower, though, when you were a seedling, I almost was.
We're a pair of mismatched socksorange and bluecontrasting, complimentary colors.
From dressup with mom’s clothes, Dancing around like popstars, To now doing one another's makeup for prom We are FOREVER SISTERS,
I’ve been alone before.It’s harder than it seeems. There is one way tofight the loneliness. All I Needis my sister. She is my best-friend,always there.Understands me.Makes me laugh.
My sister is a diamond, illuminating into surrounded darkness. Tears are falling like the rain from the sky, she does handle a lot. Facing pain? She is made of steel. She does not utter “NO”,
Every time I walk into the vacant room and hear the echoed steps I take I'm reminded that she's gone. I loved her and she loved me, I thought that was enough to keep her here. I was wrong.
I never thought that I would have a friend like you You make me feel complete I’m surprised we get along Because we are so different We pick each other up
Sometimes I feel down, Sometimes I feel happy,  Either way you are always there. We're alike in many ways, But in a way we are very different.   I know I make fun of you, I joke around with you,
Oh, sister, we are bound by blood eternally An ocean separates us but I can still feel you here with me Why, at night, do I have nightmares, and not dreams? Because, dear sister, you are all I need
You, my dear sister are the one I  can't live without You, my dear sister are the one that  makes me want to tear my hair out yet also gives me joy. I remember, my dear sister
I would know her in darkness In a storm In a hurricane I would know her blind By her voice Her laugh Her encompassing aura I would know my twin by the sound of her hand
She traded scars for callouses,and silver stained fingertips,rubber shaving bits sticking to her shirt,she drew and wrote the pain away,for all that it was worth,  
I Am... I am the one they never thought could win I was battling the world my own war Felt I was standing on ice, oh so thin Begging for the world to hear my loud roar  
I Am... I am the one they never thought could win I was battling the world my own war Felt I was standing on ice, oh so thin Begging for the world to hear my loud roar  
My sweet sister She took care of me in my early years Loving me, teaching me, caring for me One day everything changed 'Sister, don't be scared' Alone in a foreign land Inexperienced she was
I am me I am.... A sister, depended on and strong, caring for a brother who can't do as much as she. I am.... A student, fighting for my future; a wrong turn here and there, but trying to make it somewhere.
The red and blue lights flash waking up to a commotion my sister on a gurney 
I, have issues.  But probably not the kind you think.  Mine were created by my father and big sister. 
I am five and I sit across my mother’s lap Praying for a human toy to assuage The eternal boredom that is my loneliness. I am six and I hold a baby girl in my arms as I pray to God to never let her grow
Since we were younger you've always loved and never had a reduced fascination with what seems to the world just a common animal,
Side-by-side dressed alike double takes "Are you two twins?"   My little shadow  almost as old as I am you look up to me but you have no idea how much I look up to you.  
She has the soul of a gentle saint
There were candles in her eyes
Why must , in every picture, she look so beautiful?
My baby sister  is sweet, young, and very cute  I love my sister 
You took an innocent girl and flipped her whole world around.
He'll beat you with secrets He'll be drunk off lies You'd be a fool to fall into his trap   I know I cannot control you Your life is yours to live Experiment with your set of boys in
In a meadow of daisies you're a weed; Your leaves delicate, they appear to swing. I watched you grow beginning from a seed,
how could she do this to me why me why does she always do this to me
Get up get up. It's yer birthday!!!
They kept the pumpkins
Dad's got whiskey on his breath, and a hair from another lady. He's counting the days until his death, and tells mom she's crazy.   Mom lays still in the other room. She has no will to speak.
I have a little sister. She's 4'10 and has dirty blonde hair that goes past her ears She has blue eyes that look stormy grey a lot of times.
An unreliable narrator She was always at a loss for words Expression never came easy, nor was Compassion, understanding, empathy Love Was not a word in her dictionary
An insatiable appetite. The gluttony stains your lips. Each day, each second, unwavering, yearning for more. Your cries are often heard, always heard, but does mine reach you?
They see a pretty face Divine beauty insurmountable to replace I see her angel kiss freckles Untainted worth no amount of empty shekels. The strongest flower my naked eyes have seen
Sorry, my sister I meant no harm I didn’t know you’d be alarmed   Sorry, my sister I don’t want you to hate me I just wanted you to let me be   Sorry, my sister
my precious,
There's something in the smell of Marlboro's by the lake A habit you could kick it A smart girl's first mistake; Mother, sister, daughter, friend To me you were more...than names could pretend
We met by chance one wild Halloween night Dancing and drinking in a friend's garage Thought you were cute, but sparks didn't fly Something else was meant for you and I  
Where did you go?
I remember the days of April, and the sadness that never came with them. I don’t remember, however-and somewhat ironically for that matter-, the way that you smiled at me, even as I pushed you across the floor
-Redefine beauty. Extract all the melanin from my skin, or add just a bit more to yours and let's see what difference it makes in our personalities. No change.
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
Today marks one
When a girl starts to grow up Her younger brother suddenly becomes older And turns into her protector   We followed each other everywhere And left a trail of bread crumbs in our wake
I'm sorry you had to come in the world this way
Do you ever feel paper thin? See-through, transparent Like everyone knows what you’re thinking Even before you’re thinking it.   Do you ever feel naïve? Inexperienced, unprepared
She told me last night A whisper on the porch Her face was a smile, Masking her tears. I wanted to scream I wanted to hold her tight And tell her it would be ok. I wanted to throw something
I imagined it wouldn’t hurt me, as much as it hurts me now. The mother that had forgotten me, I couldn’t seem to forget. My thoughts swirled like a tornado in my mind. How could she abandon me?
So it's the eve of my departure back to school and my 8 year old sister Emily is playing in the rock pile in the front yard   She's the cutest little girl in the world
  A Smith none the less             Driven to success             Hired into life             Stung with blisters             Beaten at every corner
Say Cheese! 
Do you remember That time I slipped up while speaking and you laughed at me?  
What good would Earth be,
A child awakens from a womb No complications, no indications, only expectation these nine months To be born into this world, obsessed with normal, material, tangible; perfecting perfection
Take care of your little sister Don’t ever let no boy kiss her Maybe when she’s sixteen She’ll know how to be mean To all those boys who don’t respect her Until then, you gotta be her protector  
I am on the edge holding to my... breath. My movements are slow... scattered...broken, smashed pain throbs--- My mind is thumping... blood, bled through me. My body is hurt.
Your hands were soft and small An angelic face that was pure and innocent
Silver and Bordeaux, Sisterhood that never goes. Started with ten girls. Then became much more then that.
To me you are my sister, But secretly my friend. You help me when I need it; On you I can depend.   We used to fight and yell a lot, Oh, yes, we’ve disagreed. But I was young and immature,
You left me on a hot summer morning.
For my sister Annemarie   Its not that we couldn't be its not that we never have been its not that we cant see
 I have the windows in my car rolled down, And I don’t care who hears me sing outside. I glance at Ali sitting to my right And feel my heart begin to swell with pride. Her mouth is moving in time with the song!
Sweet southern sun spilled through the cabin door And made the woodwork golden as it spread. I set my feet down gently on the floor And teetered off the edge of our shared bed.
She shows her phone to me and laughs aloud At all the foolish things her friends have said, And I ask when she’ll start to use her head Please, stop repeating lines that you’ve been fed.
As you've noticed, Ive pulled myself back
Though you may not think of me as your family, I will always think of you as mine. Though you may never think of me as your loving little sister, I will always think of you as my older sister.
A carefree soul With a busy mind; A gentle heart Trapped in a little girl. Smiles fill her face And laughter fills her air, As she wanders aimlessly  Through her days. Four golden hearts
I must've been scarred by an angel For never were hands so gentle When she scarred me I felt no pain I know she was there when I woke She'll be there when I don't
Sister, how could you fly away?
In a white colored coffin the baby lay, Her mother had wept the night away. Not feeling her dying breath, With her clasped to her mothers chest. She prayed to keep,
Baby sister! Who I love you, and inevitably abore. You give me the strength, to go out and explore, To face challenges that are harder for the adverage man, So here we go, Heres the plan,
Dear sister,   Today, You are five years old.   Your world is full of... Butterflies (Your favorite), Rainbows (You love colors), Far too many sweets,
3,014 days since you breathed your last breath. 3,014 days since you last felt pain. 3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.
The most beautiful caterpillar to trudge the Earth. The most elegant soul to survive out of obscurity. The heart of Tin Woodman The mind of Aristotle. Her... who sees no evil.  
Sometimes we threw punches, Both verbal and with our fist, Though the bruises left over, Whether on our ego or on our face,
I've never known fear like the day I found my sister's cuts. When she was younger, she was abused by her peers. It seems like a girl can't be tall  or a little overweight, without being targeted.
Family Faithful, loyal Supportive, loving, trustworthy Built in best friend Sister
How do I bear the pain of the world? 
You're my sister, though not by birth I've chosen to love you We've grown together and learned together Our bond is something true When in peril, we're reliable  Just call and I'll be there
To where do we go from here, my brothers What once was, shall no longer be for us That well traced road is as the others Now broken and void of that former trust We were once bound by invisible ties
Brother and Sister; So close in heart And dear in soul. Only a moment Took one from the other With no villain to hunt.
This is my story... From the beginning, I was being lead onYou had a thing for me; you were out to get meI mean as a child I wouldn't think to have to react to a feeling this strongI laugh today thinking that I never remember a day where you smile
Love is a dream that every girl is looking for. Love is a way to make it through a long, rough day. Love is the smell of a rose that meets you at your front door with a kiss.
She caught me when I fell. She saved me from my own hell. She carried me when I couldn't walk; She gave me light when I saw only dark.   Behind her back I would see wings;
We used to play and have good times. I remember Disney. Smiles, jokes, giggles We lay on the autumn leaves. Feeling the seasons snap like fingers The humid days at the park Pushing swings
 She grows in a special pot.Made of wires and fear.Commonly broken and torn through.But always put back in her place.She's cared for and dusted,Her eyes behind the glass box,Sees a world she can never touch,And a world that will never touch her.Sh
Those harsh words you have spoken Cannot be taken back with regret later despite your regret, our relationship is broken I guess the best gotten from you was your anger
  Bickering and fighting Caring and sharing Kicking and screaming Hugging and loving Yelling and crying Being and believing Living. From the beginning And forever Sisterhood
Salmon colored fuzz over the piddling sandy hills, take care of my sister, who is now a part of you. Grant her the jubilance which you brought us this weekend.  
Golden amber drips over the supple rising of skin Made crisp by the summer’s sun, droplets catch in the curves of her lashes “Never” floats through the breeze
Her body strong and stable  as her will and mind . Her womanly curvs oh, so fine  this divine sister of mine . Her beauty lies not just within the curvs of her hips
  Polar Opposites By Amanda G   Blood connects me to you, and you to me. You are my dear brother, my lifelong friend. Two halves from a whole, the same age are we,
Marla is my sister’s name, When I was little, we looked the same. We act alike sometimes too, I wish those times would be few.
As I lay in my room, I am assaulted by memories, neither good nor bad-- but able to cut through me and make me shake.   Next door, I hear her, quietly moving about and laughing, 
The weight of the world is rest on my shoulders Depression, anxiety, constant fear It sits there and laughs at me It whispers negativity in my ear. "You cant help her." "You're not good enough."
  When I think of you, I think of purple and blue purple, secret excitement, always holding in laughter,  just don't forget to let it out, more often than not blue, a soft rain, sweet and melodious 
  Sister is a willow. Bending, bowing to the thoughts and refuge of the forest. An original? May-be. But the sapling is still meek, and is swallowed by the foliage,
I write because that is how I become less arrogant. The purpose is to alleviate soreness towards a friend who constantly bothers me with negligence.
(poems go here) Wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today, but that is absolutely nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and day before that too.
The hospital is hardly a place for a child, But I'm beguiled. She's on her way. Or will she be a he? Either way, Soon we'll have a new smile for quite awhile. The nursery gives a glimpse of what to come,
Walking down the aisle of a store. She is pushing the cart. And receives crude looks. Stares that make people think they’re better. They aren’t.
Your pale complexion; white and gray, I pray that you’ll live through another May. The hair on your head is growing thin, And I can’t find any more fat on your chin. It pains me to know that this is your choice;
Like a wave crashed down The tide pulled my soul My sister so dear Never made it to old The emptiness grows The pain won’t subside The unseen affects When you commit suicide
Imagine this. Someone so kind you'd think an angel had fallen from the sky. Someone so passionate and caring you feel selfish beside her. Someone so beautiful, models envy her.
I lost someone To a life of the unloved Someone who brought untold limits I lost someone to the heavens above
I know you are scared, Hurt and unhappy. But you don’t have to be— Not another week, not another day. I will still call you my sister, no matter How hard you try to push me away.
Don't hate your older sister because of the footprints she leaves. The ones that stretch as far as you can see. In both directions. Don't hate her because of how miniscule, microscopic, and tiny your own foot seems.
You’ve got that look in your eyes And I can see you’re off somewhere Building castles in the air Hoping one day you can live up there Hoping one day that you’ll be up there
On the silver chandelier, there's a swinging spider monkey Wearing a captain's hat, and waving a broomstick. Jeffrey tells his mother, in the politest of tones, "Mr. Jumps is at it again!"
We fight and we fuss, But in me you must trust! Because you are the one I LOVE? These are all lies a man will use to get what he wants. Very sickening thoughts! DON'T fall for the things he has bought!
I am the older of us three, As I know they look up to me, They try to be me in every way, Things they hear they think they must say, So to change my life I change theirs too,
Tears fall like rain on a deathly still face, There’s no hope for her now, she’s in a much better place: A place with no sorrow, a place with no pain Still they clench her hand tighter, scream “Wake up!” in vain,
I don’t know how much Corpses can hear, But if you’re hearing, Some things must be made clear After this first year.
Emptiness is all I feel, without you here. I walk past your room, searching for you. How can you be gone so soon? A life taken before its time. You're my sister though, why don't they understand.
(poems go here) My Bizzar sister is in need She is very strange I must help her
Beyond my window, beyond the stars in the sky, beyond the many planets, within the heavens, there you are. Pictures are worth a thousand words yet none of them are your words that once filled my ears.
Love? What does that mean? It means that you... wait... I haven't learned what that is just yet. I sit as a young woman waiting impatiently for whom to show me the way to his heart of justice.
Her face is almost imprinted in my mind like a melody. The image is just on repeat. I've never seen anything like that. Maybe it's who she is on the inside that radiates out. But her face shines with such a light I can't explain.
She slid the blade deep into her arm Breathing heavy, trying so hard to hold in her emotions yet release all her feelings. She thought of the sister that didn't love her, The mother to busy to care,
Sister, remember when we were little, And constantly together? We were always hand in hand, Looking out for one another. And remember when, Sister, We would play our favorite game?
That although we are far apart I will hold you close to my heart When you're either up or down I'll always have a remedy for your frown That in the event you shed a tear
if darkness is night and morning is light ill take all the dark  and bring You to My light if spirits fly and bodies weep ill give Your body strength to sleep if wills do bend and bleed and break 
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