3,014 Days.


3,014 days since you breathed your last breath.

3,014 days since you last felt pain.

3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.

3,014 times I've asked myself, can I deal with this pain?

Its been 3,014 days and the pain has yet to subside.

Can I make it to 3,015 days without my bestfriend by my side?


A world with no hero, no one to look up to,

A sister stolen, and a best friend lost.


She was my rock and it's been 3,014 days since I heard the news.

and everyday has been worse than the rest, but I'll live for two.


In 3,014 days, I've lived 6,028.

Only because, I love you.



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