You Always Have Each Other

"Remember my darling - you always have each other."

I couldn't tell if it was true or not,

my soft brown-green eyes were always searching for someone else

that didn't look like me.


Now what good does a mirror do?

It shows me what I know far too well,

like the angry hisses of my mother and father.


I cannot escape my flaws when I look into her eyes,

each one screaming






If I grasp it too tightly to my chest, it will explode into a million pieces,

ripping my heart to shreds.

But I can't live without her.


I need to stop looking at the seething form before me, 

and start holding onto the reflection next to me,

one that does not come from a mirror.


We share a face, but not a soul,

we share clothes, but not our thoughts.

I can't live without her.


She is more than just a sister

who paints my nails and wrestles with me, 

my DNA can tell you that much.


"I like you better than her" the douches say,

as if I take it as a compliment.

Boy, she is a horde of precious diamonds I would be stupid to throw away,

And I'd die without her.


She is not the girl in the mirror

screaming out my imperfections.

I am the girl in the mirror.


She is always on my mind like the tattoo on my side.

"Remember my darling - you always have each other," my mother says.

I believe it now

And I know I'd be lost without her.




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