Friday Night at the Williams' Mansion


United States
40° 44' 31.974" N, 96° 38' 51.9972" W

On the silver chandelier, there's a swinging spider monkey

Wearing a captain's hat, and waving a broomstick.

Jeffrey tells his mother, in the politest of tones,

"Mr. Jumps is at it again!"

But Jane can not hear him over

Trumpets blaring in the sitting room

by the littlest, Blair, and the biggest, Jack.

"Yes, Dear." Jane tells Jeffrey,

Then returns to whipping the milk

For her famous, world famous creme brulee,

Charles, the chau, parks the family unicycle next to the wardrobe

And announces the return of Simon, the Father,

Who enters, as usual, by summersaulting through the door.

"Teach me how to tumble, Daddy!" Talia demands

Simon pats her, and picks her up, and then begins to waltz.

"Where is Susan?" asks Simon, still two-stepping with Talia

"Susan is fishing for dart frogs, with her beau, Bruce!"

Yells Jack, during the breath of a whole rest.

"Well, let's not wait! The pheasant is nearly ready!"

The Williams family sat on the floor, laughed together,

Then watched the pheasant fly off their plates!


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