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Sister, remember when we were little,
And constantly together?
We were always hand in hand,
Looking out for one another.
And remember when, Sister,
We would play our favorite game?
We would play it almost every day,
Indians was its name.
The bad cowboys would come into our village,
And tie me to a tree,
And you would be dodging the neighbor boys,
Trying to rescue me.
But sister, you grew up,
And you started to change.
You started acting weird,
And it all seemed so deranged.
Mom said this was normal,
It’s how people your age act,
But what she didn’t know,
Was what was happening behind her back.
You got into the bad stuff, Sister,
And you just couldn’t get free,
Drugs would scream your name,
But why were they louder than me?
And do you remember that one afternoon,
When you couldn’t take it anymore?
And you tried to make it all go away,
I walked in with the empty bottle on the floor.
You were my best friend,
By blood and by choice,
I wish you could have just listened,
Listened to my voice.
Telling you that I am here,
Telling you that I love you,
Yet you took all of those pills that day,
As if you never knew.
But I got there just in time Sister,
Those drugs had you tied to the tree,
And sister I dodged it all,
Because it was my turn to do the rescuing.

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