Almost Blood

We met by chance one wild Halloween night

Dancing and drinking in a friend's garage

Thought you were cute, but sparks didn't fly

Something else was meant for you and I


I can be socially awkward and clumsy as hell

Always so happy and sure of yourself

You started to coax me out of my shell

We made fun of each other's favorite baseball teams

And hockey teams too

You'd mess with my ponytail and I'd elbow you


As months went by, our friendship grew

You know some of my carefully hidden secrets

We've picked up the pieces of each other's broken hearts

Knowing that whoever hurts us doesn't matter in the end

Because we'll always have our best, truest friend

Your mom's been sick and mine has too

The bond that we have helped us pull through


You've seen me standing tall

Making things go my way

Finding my inner strength by digging in deep

You've seen me on my knees

Broken and weak


I've seen sides of you that are far from your best

But I'll gladly take those along with the rest

Because when you believe in me

I believe it too


So many memories

God, where to start?

Hockey games, movie nights

My first taste of alcohol

Loud frat parties where I hit on pledges

Tutoring sessions

You trying to teach me to ice skate

Super Bowls, heart-to-hearts

Graduation, inside jokes

Never missing each other's birthdays

One year shoulder to shoulder on the same fire crew,

each willing to put the other's life in our hands

And general shenanigans with all of our friends


Now you're taking a job overseas

We all went to your favorite bar 

For a night you'll never forget

(Well, at least you won't forget parts of it)

Things worked out so I showed up late

But you were just glad I made it

There were shots, toasts, and a terrible band


I'm the sensitive type

But I held it together 'til the end of the night

When you pulled me in a bear hug

Close to your heart

And you held me tight

You told me not to be a stranger

Miles may stand between us

But you'll always be there

Because I'm your little sister


A tear soaked into your shirt

As I called you my brother

When you let go

Your puppy-dog eyes were wet and red


They say God always has a reason

For bringing somebody into your life

And to me, that sounds about right

900 miles and 3 weeks apart

You and I were born to be family at heart

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