Mourning the Living


I love you 

But it feels like blood isn’t thicker than water. 

We’re not the same,

& I thought we would have an eternal flame

I mourn for what once was

From when we were cubs

We were so deep 

You’d always say what I think.

But over time something changed.  

And in real time, i felt your love wane. 

What did I do? Why are you looking at me that way? 

I’ll shut up forever if it meant I could stay.

You’re always so silent when i speak. No one in the world can make me feel this meek. 

This isnt fair. 

I treat you how I expect to be treated but you don’t fucking care.

You were there from the beginning, before we even landed on Earth

But I won’t be around anyone who doesn’t know my worth. 

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