The Sibling Divide

Dear Siblings,

You’ll never know me

Not as a sister,

More like a mother


Amelia, when you learn to drive

I’ll be 30

8 years younger than

Our parents are now


Maks, when you become a teenager

I’ll be 30

I won’t share the strife

I won’t understand you


You’ll never know the mistakes I made

I’ll conceal them from you

And try to keep you

From following in my footsteps


I'll advise you to start applying

to scholarships freshman year

to have your essays done early

to never procrastinate


I'll try to keep you from 

cupid's dreadful aim

you'll hate me for it,

but then realize I love you


You'll see me making this effort

to stop you from making mistakes

so that you can be perfect

and think my actions stupid


The two of you will know each other,

But you won’t know me

I’ll just be a person that appears

Once in a while


I will not be your sister

I’m too old for you

To see us otherwise

I will be your distant relative


I’m sorry we were born so far apart

and cannot be real family

I mourn the loss

Sincerely, Zuzanna


This poem is about: 
My family


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