A child awakens from a womb

No complications, no indications, only expectation these nine months

To be born into this world, obsessed with normal, material, tangible; perfecting perfection

As a child unfurling from the breath of life, presented as faulty, paired with innumerable complications

An otherwise perfect baby born unto a perfectly defective world

Hospital tubes, hospital rooms, hospital tests spill to smudge plans in place


Drown that child in truth;

The world is cruel,

EKGs, MRIs, ECHOs, tubes, Nebulizers, prescriptions, the like

These things could be normal

The world so chooses the seeds they scatter

And to keep those that resemble change, difference, oddities

Would be uprooting

To challenge the intertwining of familiar branches that society presents

Trimming the gnarled ends from those that are unwanted


Ignite that child in truth;

That love is not conditional

She will always love without the cataracts of judgment

That the girls who held her down

Who laughed in the face of different

Who broke her

That the boys who nudged her

Who murmured whispered insults cowardly hidden behind a disarray of common place words

Who simply never told her she was pretty

That the world who didn’t know when to stop staring, or when to pay her notice

Who placed bars and padlocks of limitation of restriction of isolation on her cage she was thrust into without test of her true ability

That these things would never experience the honest love of a creature like she

Intelligent in a way unique of human nature


Different in body and mind, yes

But what is a body but a mere vessel to contain a soul?

A mere cavity for occupation on this tangible plane?

Cavity, Body, Vessel


Privilege, Eternal, Invulnerable


What determines the strength of a mind?

Test, Grade, Curriculum?

Or capacity;

To overcome

To feel 10 thousand pains 10 thousand needs 10 thousand desires 10 thousand words

And not communicate a single one?

To digest insults consumed through both acts of intention and accident

To shed a skin that threatens to wring you of life

To think in a mind at war with itself

To take what is dealt to you without questioning the outer workings of God or placing judgment and blame on those you could fault

To take a condition that threatens life as we know it and to channel it into unquestionable love

You still claim this mind to be “unable”?

“Unfit” “Unstable” “Unknowing” “Undesired”


Smother this child in truth;

To me she is not measured by values of the world

But by values of her heart

You can have your normal

Your perfect

Your vain

I will keep her Different

Her Flawed



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