Li Lee

Abandoning our home, parting with friends and family, casting aside the old dependable ways, the safe comfort of a parent’s home, we venture forth into unfamiliar surroundings, daunting tasks laid out before us, exhilarating, scenic, magnificent skies that crash into giant, snow-capped mountains forcing us to stare up and gasp at times. This must be home. We dive right in, start the new “good-old-days” and add new particulars to our ever-expanding terrain and the adventure which is our life. We rise and ascend according to some well imagined strategy on our life’s new blueprint. Preparations are made, new life is pending, we toil, we save, we formulate our lives according to the diagram of the Lord, we ease into living, with our new brood on our heels, not effortlessly and not without grief, somehow this bizarre, fantastic dance, we glance back, how did it all come together? Are we genuinely happy? Brief moments now and then, find us reminiscent of days gone by. Our newfound friends who are today the building blocks on which we have framed our own beliefs and way of life, now we pass on our learned lessons, our love and guidance to the little ones, the youths of our youths. We dole out our love and pray that our outstretched arms will always be received with the love and caring for which they were offered. Today I thank God for the glorious path he has laid out before us and the adoration we show him shall never decline.

This poem is about: 
My family


Terrance Longtin

This poem is about my sister Lisa Lee

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