The hospital is hardly a place for a child,

But I'm beguiled.

She's on her way.

Or will she be a he? Either way,

Soon we'll have a new smile for quite awhile.

The nursery gives a glimpse of what to come,

I look, I grin, I am excited, I am delighted.

The magnitude of forthcoming responsibility

means nothing to a lonely toddler

waiting to spend her days

with whomever is on the way.

The significance of this arrival

is an event I have prepared for

in hopes of a friend.

I can teach, I can play, I can laugh, I can sway -

Anything for the little one on the way.

It's here - she's here!

Can I see her? Is she scared?

They let me hold her,

She is smiling, I am smiling

She is little, I am little

She is new; I am careful

We are here and I am hers.



Never forget holding a new born child. Held all three of my sisters and i can only imagine what it must feel like for the mother. As the sibling its very exciting and memorable though isn't it?  This is an absoulutely beautiful piece thank you for posting


Exactly. As far as I know, the birth of my sister is my earliest memory. I was very young but I certainly remember holding her. Thank you so much :)

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