"She Grows"

Sat, 01/07/2017 - 18:46 -- M3

She grows up

She's not the same as she was first born

she grew bigger than I had imagined

She's more taller

and has a beautiful stance whenever she aligns her feet underneath

the doorway of my room

inviting me to play games with her

but I always refuse because I am tired


She grows up

she still has the same face

the same long, black, and curly hair

that everyone in my family has except for me

the same colour of eyes

the colour of dark brown that passes down in our family

but they developed beacuse


She grows up

she begun changing

her mood is drifting off that I can not tell if she is

mad or sad

I ask for a kiss on the cheek from her

but she grumbles at me and turns away

she begun covering her eyes

so she wouldn't have to look up to me

to hide her sight whenever upset

at something I had done

I see her less in my room


She grows up

I hear her fight with my brother more

over the small things

the small things that she had said that was more important than

my feelings

she doesn't listen to me anymore

I recommend what's right for her

That the headphones she borrowed, she has the volume way too loud for her

small ears, that it's going to damage them, that

she starts to kick me for she doesn't agree

her legs grew longer and slim

giving her the height of four feet

so very close to my height

she would tower me when older

is it wrong to say I want her to stay small

but more days pass by

and she


she grows up

I remember the moments we share together

especailly about her

I love every moment

the way she

acts whenever she is with me

looks whenever she is with me

plays whenever she is with me

dance whenever she is with me

talks whenever she is with me

sings whenever she is with me

runs whenever she is with me

learns whenever she is with me

smiles whenever she is with me

cries whenever she is with me


grows up whenever she is with me


I wish that time could stay still

that it should stay still

for I could watch her forever

and care for her forever

and be the older sister that I am


as she grows up

I grow up too




This poem is about: 
My family


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