So This My Tribute To You

To my dear sister Ciara,


So This My Tribute To You


Blonde was her hair,

And pale was her color,

She stood about 5’4,

Looked at me like a daughter


Her name is Ciara,

She is my older sister,

Her love is hard to get rid of,

Sort of like a bad blister,


So this my tribute to you,

Please take this to heart

For all the amazing and loving things you do,

If I have you, I will never fall apart


How you managed to achieve your accomplishments,

With obstacles that would stop me

You completed, and I was astonished with,


You are my role model,

You made me who I am today

25 with a solid career path

Ambitions and goals you display


So this my tribute to you,

For teaching me how to love

Your sons eyes are bright blue

He’s an angel sent from above

Oh how I love my nephew


You love him more than I could have ever imagined

He’s kind hearted, a gentleman, you made this happen,

with a mother so optimistic

I aspire to love like you,

What a wonderful characteristic

Your heart is too good to be true


You were always there to lend a listening ear,

Whenever I was in distress

You have always shown how much you care,

I appreciate your selflessness more than I can express


You tell me:

“I’ll always be here through thick and thin

I’m your friend I won’t push you away

You can come to me and I’ll listen

Tell me when and where and I’ll come your way

No matter what the conditions may be

Because even when you age you’ll always be my baby”


So this my tribute to you,

For being my best friend,

Despite all we’ve been through

You’ll be by my side until the very end


No matter how many cars I crash

While others scolded at me

You’re just happy I made it home safe at last

You tell me it’s just because I couldn’t see


Thank you for your endless devotion

That was forged out of respect

And every kind of emotion

You’ll always be there to protect


I’m so thankful we have each other

Often times I think of you like a mother,

Best friend, sister, or mother,

My dear Ciara I wouldn’t trade you for any other,


So this my tribute to you,

I’ll finally let you rest,

But understand with you,

I am at my happiest


With all my love,

Heidi Ardia


This poem is about: 
My family


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