Little Sis (Alana)


my precious,

my prism.

my little rainbow fish.

I spin you around and watch you turn

letting go of you hand, you spin far too fast.

your colors reflecting of the warm white walls.

you tire and dizzy, always about to tumble.

I wish I could catch you,

and hide you away.

to wrap you up so tight the no harm can befall.

to help you and guide your swaying steps.

yet I let you spin.

you tell me that you are dark,

that you don’t give off light.

I am too blinded by your colors to care.

you are perfect.

you take the bright white mess of the world

the loud heaviness of it all,

and you change it.

marking it with your own binding stamp.

your rainbow distorting the light of the world.

making all of life just a little more colorful to me.



This is so darn beautiful...

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