My Dear Sister

   My sister

My dear sister

From the molecules within the cells within the stream of blood coursing through your veins

From the pattern imprinted upon the surface of your thumb

From every freckle gently kissed upon your face

From every variation of wave your fine hair creates

To the way you throw your head back alongside your laughter

To how you bounce ever so slightly off of the ground with excitement

To the way you repeatedly wear a mask to cover scars of brokenness

To the will of your mind having strength surpassing that of stone

You are my sister

My dear sister

I did not take or choose you but never would I give you away

Every bone in my fingers must first be broken before I release my grasp on you

My sister

My dear sister

Because I love you

I love the way your strings of thought dance to your vocal cords and leave across your tongue

How you crave to be heard with the courage to actually make it happen

How you break tradition and social expectancy

I love the beauty you convey when your hair is tied up with glasses resting on your nose

Your precious button nose

The beauty in your kisses delicately places upon my cheek

The way your smile beautifully expands across your cheeks at the sight of someone you love

My sister

My dear sister

Don’t you ever believe those whispers buried within the depths of your mind

Or that life for you has not yet begun because of your youth

Or that you are not living in the “real world”

Because your feelings are real and your soul is real and the search for significance has always been real

Don’t ever allow anyone to extinguish your fire

Or convince you to minimize your complexity

You never have nor ever will be defined by a number

Or your bank account

Or him

Or her

Or you

But you ARE my sister

My dear sister

The one treasured by the maker of the Universe

Of every star strung across the night sky

Which are quite beautiful and all, but somehow I find the way your eyes light up when you smile to be marginally brighter

I could write a story on the girl behind the halo smile

But you are a much better writer than me and I would far prefer reading your own

Have you seen her lately?

The distinguished beauty

The unsurpassable worth

The bottomless heart

The inexplicable aspects of character

I love her

My sister

My dear sister

I love you



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