Always Remember

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 13:11 -- Dkatz

Dear baby sister,


Always remember to love

Love with every fiber of your being

And with no regrets

Let your walls down

And accept the happiness

That you deserve

And always know

That you are worthy of love


Always remember to never hold back

Your feelings are valid

So speak your mind

And don’t worry about what others think

Accept who you are

And don’t ever let anyone change

The way you think or feel

Because it makes you

The unique person that you are


Always remember to trust yourself

Because you are the only one

That will always have your back

People will come and go

So don’t be numb and cold

But be cautious

About who you open up to


Always remember to never give yourself away

The one’s you care for

Are capable of leaving

No matter how hard you try

And how much of yourself you give

Giving someone your all

Makes you vulnerable

And easy to break

Like a sheet of thin glass

And people will take advantage


Always remember to be spontaneous

Dance in the rain

And sing until your lungs give out

Embrace your inner child

And live in the moment

You are never too old for adventure

And life is too short

To dwell on the past


Always remember to be passionate.

Stay motivated

No matter how stressful it may get

Because it will be worth it in the end

If you love what you are doing

And never stop working

Until you have given your all

And reached your goal


Always remember to fight through the pain

No matter how hard it gets

Don’t give up

When it feels like you are drowning

Learn how to swim

This is only a small chapter

In your life

So turn the page

And start fresh


Always remember to live like there’s no tomorrow

Because you never know if there will be

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My family


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