Adele Sings Your Sad Tune Of Lies

Sun, 09/08/2013 - 21:54 -- rauchb2

Those harsh words you have spoken
Cannot be taken back with regret later
despite your regret, our relationship is broken
I guess the best gotten from you was your anger

You are the ones that involved the law
With the outspoken lies you professed
The things that you supposedly saw
hoping that the innocent would have confessed

"Baby, I have no story to be told"
A favorite song of yours, Adele sings
a song about the soul that you have sold
in your effort to become kings

But we are not rich my sisters
Your mother has steered you wrong
Led your feet down a path of blisters
Ours is a true story, not Adele's song.

Sought you once to find peace.
Peace between everyone you care for
But like the mythical golden fleece
Peace is a fabled lore.

You pretend to hold contempt and fear
Be unforgiving for a sin never acted upon
You are angry against a father you once held dear
and liken you and yours to Adele's sorrowful song.

You say she cried at every phrase
The reminder of him did tear at her heart
Yet now you have distorted our ways
and torn this family apart.

To place the blame would be too kind
My rage at you does not even compare
Looking at you, I don't know what I will find
But I'm trying to see the real you as I sit and stare.

What happened to the sister I knew?
I feel lost, angry, and betrayed.
Give me a sign! Give me a cue!
Because I've given up on this storm I have braved.

I have done enough
and I am done with you
I've called your bluff
there isn't anything else I can do.


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