Caramel Colored Orbs

I walk and walk my legs feeling like a crumbling sand castle

I start to feel dizzy seeing the animated birds and stars spinning around my head like a halo  

My throat begins withering, parts of it disintegrating into the sand around me

Finally my head bounced on the grainy hot surface, the lights in my vision flickered out

I fluttered my eyes open, and I see a silhouette of a familiar petite body with burning caramel eyes, concerned eyebrows staring: my beloved sister

Who dragged me out of the ocean, when my lungs crusted with salt water

The sister whose pulse and heart raced as she ran around the dark and empty streets with only street lights lightening her path, while she looked for me when she thought I was kidnapped

The sister who’s caramel colored orbs looked upon me when I was shaking and hysterically weeping from a ghastly nightmare

The sister who stood by my side when it seemed as though their was no one

The sister I can-not imagine living a life without her


“Sarah wake please I am here!”

I fluttered my eyes open, and there I see the caramel colored orbs i knew so well

And like a clam, my cracked, dehydrated lips stretched open, revealing the white pearls in my mouth

At that moment I realized that although I was scared

Of being

Stranded in the vast dessert

Of being


Of being


Of being


I knew

That with my sister by my side

I was going to be ok

This poem is about: 
My family
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