She’s like my first child you know 

I carry her weight on my shoulders 

But she’s not a kid anymore 

Man she’s getting older 


Shit scares me sometimes because I know I can’t control her 

I can’t be there every second 

And every second the world gets colder. 


I couldn’t leave her back in Maine 

And I couldn’t leave her now

I think back on all the shit you went through as a child. 


We grew up way too fast  

And I tried my best to stop it 

But don’t worry bout what the future holds

I promise you I got it. 


Since the day she’s been on this Earth 

She’s always had my back

 She ain’t never switched up on me 

 And I’m so grateful to God for that. 


I’ll kill anyone that tries you 

And I know you’d kill for me. 

You’re my shooter, I’m your shooter 

Let’s forget the past and live in peace. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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