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Don't hate your older sister because of the footprints she leaves.
The ones that stretch as far as you can see.
In both directions.
Don't hate her because of how miniscule, microscopic, and tiny your own foot seems.
Because of how scared you are of not being like her.
Or because of how pressured you feel to be like her.
Don't hate her because of the legacy that is left in her wake.
The accomplishments.
The awards.
Don't hate her because you are jealous.
Or because you envy her.
Believing she has a perfect life.
That everything is easy for her.
Don't hate her because you can't be her.
She might be beautiful, intelligent, and talented.
But, so are you.
Leaving your very own set of unique footprints.
Walking side by side.
With those imprints that once intimidated you.
Those of your older sister.
I love you, Valerie.


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