She doesn’t believe she’s beautiful. If you told her she’d laugh. She doesn’t believe she smart enough. She scares herself. She’s scared she will go back into her old habits, back to him. He treated her bad. Cheated too. Told her she was worthless then used her repeatedly to his enjoyment.

He makes her feel bad, mostly about herself. Then when he needs her he tells her what she wants to hear. He ruined her. She no longer believes she worth any mans time. She doesn't know what a man is.She doesnt know because he tore down every dream shes ever had. He’s trapped her. She can no longer move on in her life because she is constantly reminded that she will never do better than him.

            She is beautiful. The way her laughter can fill a room. Her smile, though she hates it stands genuine and warm. She’s smart. Her mind, so beautiful, unique, and creative it remains constant. She is smart. She knows exactly what she wants in life, though she gets distracted by the imperfections eating at her. I know she wants to feel it. She is worthy. She is worthy. And she knows, that though the journey is tough, she will continue to fight for what she believes in. She is a fighter. She is a fighter..


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