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You took an innocent girl and flipped her whole world around.

You got her addicted to what she thought would take the pain away.

In her eyes what she was doing was okay.

She began to see what she thought was a positive change in a way she wanted to live her life.

She slowly begain to distance herself from what was supposed to be called home.

You messed up her world and she slowly began to rebuild it.

She slowly began losing thoses habits and she started to get the help she needed.

She slowly began to come around to that place that was onced called home.

But then here you come slowly crumbling her life back into those habits she thought she could fix.

This girl could have been anything in this world but instead you took the best of her and made her who she is today.

You let thoses habits become an addiction that slowly started defining who she was.

-Dominique Martinez 1/28/2015

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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