When I think of you, I think of purple and blue

purple, secret excitement, always holding in laughter, 

just don't forget to let it out, more often than not

blue, a soft rain, sweet and melodious 

calming down the lightening and noise 


You. are an anthem of shooting stars 

meteors carving their way through the universe 

flying for the moon 

lay your head to rest, curl up your toes 

in a crater whittled out in the shape of your eyes 

let your eyelashes collide, your breathing match the rhythm of the slowing tide 

Rest tonight, in the light of the moon and the shadows of the sun 

forget about the glare, and the noise, just remember my voice 

singing, “Every little thing, is gonna be alright.” 


And, yes, we all know that the moon is full of gray and dark 

but that's why you're there 

to make it grayless and spark

to burst a million colors from your lungs 

more vibrant than fireworks and wolves' eyes  

You see, God knew what he was doing when he carved out your lungs, 

when he painted your eyes, 

wrote the tune of your laughter on your heart so you would never be able to forget


And I, I'll never forget the moment she placed you in my arms, 

you seemed too beautiful to be true, 

the color on your skin was purple and blue

and it made me wonder where you'd come from, 

but no matter what, I've always known that you were made to be ours


I like to think of the way you sway, 

more graceful than the clouds gliding through the sky 

The way you spark, 

Like an anthem for peace and desire 

You make me wanna feel peace in my chest 

Happiness in each breath, rippling through every bone in my body

You - are an anthem of shooting stars 

meteors carving their way through the universe 

heading for the moon


And sometimes, your landing won't be all that soft 

the hateful wind will knock you hard on your head

take the voice from your song, make your palms bleed sorrow

but remember all that He's said, 

the dance lessons he gave you, the songs he wrote for you

and you'll never run out of ways to get back up and say,    “I forgive you” 


My Sister, My Love, 

you're a field of autumn leaves making waves in the fierce wind 

you're a warrior with a peace symbol tattooed on your fist 

you're my sweet and my moon, my color, purple and blue


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