To My Brother and Sister

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 21:53 -- 4P-4G

You never hear me

Because I’ve said too much

About the wrong things

About the “should do's"

And “I told you’s”


You never hear me

Because of those stickler statements

So when I do say the meaningful stuff

“That’s great!” and “I love you”

They pass you


But in my eyes, you’re awesome

So much better than me

I, the oldest, fall short of you

You, Adam and Audrey

Your Lego creations are astounding

Your drawings are abounding


You’re like me and yet not

You like me and sometimes don’t

We’re adversaries and friends

Stuck in the same house


It’s a trial… A blessing


And I




and happy.


I prayed for you when I was three

And I’ll love you for eternity

You’re my sister

You’re my brother

You’re my family

And I love you



Your sister



This poem is about: 
My family


Mayron M. Cordon Arevalo

Wow...that really touched my're awesome for righting that...I shed a tear reading your poem...don't stop writting okay?


Hey thanks so much Mayron Cordon!  I'll do my best :) 

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