Your artistic interpretations regaled these deux mopic eyes

(otherwise titled psalm to

Amelie Beth by Matthew Scott,

his genuine, gluten free and non GMO

poetic non fake appreciative guise.)


Ah, thee availed me reason to craft

a poem with rhyme or reason,

when I beheld unexpected email

exemplifying Christmas season

triptych most handily drawn pictures

by southpaw sister to think

on the other hand (right),

would be synonymous

with brother commiting treason...

Tempting as such crime

to oust Trump doth appeal

worst scenario... an utter

nightmare should commonweal

constituting United States of America...

blatantly, doggedly, ferociously...

crushing democracy fragile ethereal

frenziedly, maniacally, and unceremoniously

grinding into powder art of the deal

compliments those doughy

two hundred forty three pounds

with squishy feel

bearing full force upon

every square inch of each heal

commanding, forcing, and torturing

every American get down

on knees and kneal

until they simultaneously beg

for mercy with ear splitting squeal.


The ruthless "Fake" tyrant

cackles, gurgles, issues glee

as he doth reveal

his starkly totalitarian, ultimately

vindictive, wickedly surreal

punishment to every man,

woman and child for

not winning 2020 election yule

suffer where high crimes

and misdemeanors during

farcical impeachment trial miniscule

compared to reign of terror

he will violently unleash

rip pull sieve tides

substituting himself as top dog

thus, he forcefully usurps

permanent dictatorial rule...


Other than the above dystopian fear

your brother eagerly

awaits the new year

maybe joining activist group

(maximizing) plank - scare

ring up said apocalyptic near

possibility, cuz Trump equals sore loser

(methinks that an understatement)

nonetheless, what I write might

seem far fetched hear

say (grim heresy),

yet... look no further,

he doth plainly appear

as anti-semitic, bombastic, cataleptic,

demonic, egocentric,

graphic, horrific, misogynistic...



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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