When a girl starts to grow up

Her younger brother suddenly becomes older

And turns into her protector


We followed each other everywhere

And left a trail of bread crumbs in our wake

In case one of us lost each other

Even for just a moment


Anod now that my path goes in circles and zig zags

And in a million different directions all at once

You walk straight ahead in one direction

With conviction

Your compass always pointing north


You grew up a bit too fast

But there are still moments when the child inside of you

Bursts out with wonder and excitement


Your eyes shining as bright as the constellations

On a clear summer night


When I would drown in a sea of unreliable voices

You were the one clear voice of reason

That would pull me out of the foggy, seaweed tangled water

And place me on a road made of shining crystal glass


You are my oldest childhood best friend

Always there to help me fight against the big, ugly monsters

We read about in story books


Now the villains wear disguises made of charm

Telling me what I want to hear

But all the while keeping their fingers crossed

Behind their backs


They wait for me to turn my cautious gaze away

Before they reveal their true form and strike me down


Every time that I hit the ground

You are there to pick me up as quick as lightning

Your advice ringing out like thunder


At times I do not listen

And I follow my own somewhat reliable arrow

Because I must learn to stand on my own two feet


But when my compass cracks

And rain starts to pelt down like hail

Like you predicted it would

You stretch your umbrella wide enough for the both of us

And help me fix my compass

While at the same time showing me why it is

That it broke in the first place


And before I know it

You've chased the rainy storm away


Looking at you,

I marvel at how the word, "Brother"

Can mean so many different things

Based on its owner


And I will never tire of the feeling I get

When I see my smile reflect back at me

From the young boy

With the old eyes


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