Do you remember?


Do you remember

That time I slipped up while speaking

and you laughed at me?


Well, I do


Do you remember

When I tripped and fell

and you didn’t help me up?


Well, I do


Do you remember

When I was finally passionate about something

and you very much weren’t?


Well, I do


Or the time

You found one of my weaknesses

and ignored my protests?


Well, I do


They may not have been important to you

But I cannot forget

All of the times you didn’t know that you wronged me


You may not remember

But they are etched into my mind

as things I should have changed about myself

and not things that you should have


I saw them as my own shortcomings

and not as yours


Do you remember

When you ridiculed my ability to play games

and forgot I hadn’t played them as much as you?


Well, I do


Do you remember

When you said you come back

and I begged you not to go?


Well, I do


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