Inside of Me


Styx River, Alabama
Waterworld Rd
United States
30° 37' 49.4832" N, 87° 36' 54.7884" W

How do I bear the pain of the world? 

And hold it all inside of meInside Of MeIf you could see inside of mewhat would you think.Would you ask the question,how can this be?This Sister so confidentWhose opinions we seek with each day is spentWhose mind you'd love to step inside - to understand the pain she hidesEverywhere you'd see her she will be holding the bagHer heart is used by others in this game we call tagOne would hold a part of her at a time forevermore They are at her feetnow they'd come to her front door.Just how she must have managed to lastI wonder how can this be?Inside Her another one - I can see Another bag beside herIn a collection she keeps whats left Her bags are millions oftorn up ragsso many - so many bags Keeping them she does to make the most durable one of them allFor this run she will be able to hold much more..There's one for her sister and one for her brothers.And yes, there's even one for her mother.She carries a bag for everyoneBears the pain - no matter what they've done.Takes it with her wherever she goes. Her family - She stands up on hertip-toesThis Woman..knowsShe loves too much.. Everyone around looks for her touchTo be ready to hear her outExplain what this life is all about.Oh well- she loves them too muchThey look to her to pick them upThey've got a problemSo they drop it inside herfor she will burn the hottest fireIt's all swept away Everyone she loves will be okThis woman- so strong and boldGive it to her - her strength inside she's willing to holdHolding your griefIn order for you to feel its reliefHolding your painWithout strainShe loves them to much to turn them awaySo she carries it all for another dayIf you could see Inside Of MeWhat would you think?Would you ask the questionhow can All this be Inside...HerOne day she will be able to put it downOnly for yet, another RoundInside of Me Written By,Trista Bryant 


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