The Little Girl In Blue

Those hazel eyes reflected her smile,
The tiny feet ran to me,
A jump into my arms was all it took,
And my little girl in blue was she.

The mischievous glint reflected in that smile,
Causing me to be wary.
Of the frilly dressed baby,
Who was my cute little deary.

Curly strands of dark hair,
Framed her bird like face.
The little girl of six,
Had the twelve year old enveloped in her embrace.

My Lilly was in her full bloom,
The spring air making her sway.
But unfortunately as the day set,
Gradually she withered away.

Days passed by,
While your chemotherapy increased.
Your tiny body was trapped with machines,
And my salty tears had unleashed.

The hands of the clock stopped,
Taking your last breath with it.
Leaving just a memory,
Of a little girl in blue full of wit.

You were a smart girl, kiddo
Who knew what her fate was about to be....
And even though darkness was filling our world,
You did not let that smile falter, for me to see.

You taught me to be brave,
In the most difficult of times,
Like a small spark,
That can light up the whole night.

Remember how you gave me your favorite doll, Beauty
To lay her next to you,
But I failed to do so,
As I was afraid to let you go.

All the nights I cried,
Waiting for your return,
To hear the laughing voice of my little sister
That hope was slowly getting burnt.

The ray of desire,
Slowly grew when reality struck right in,
That maybe you are not here in flesh and bones,
But you will always be alive in my heart as my younger twin.

Today five years later, I stand at your burial ground,
With Beauty in my hand,
The blue Lilies cover your epitaph,
But without you my heart feels so bland.

You taught me hundreds of things,
In your small span of time.
But the most important was,
That every creature is divine.

Thank you-
For pulling me out of my misery, my grief,
For loving me with your large heart,
For the times you made me laugh,
And for being a part of my past.

If I ever hurt you,
The times I fought with you,
If I made you cry,
But your elder sister will always be by your side.

So here's your beauty,
I hope it keeps you company,
The same way I will too,
So Goodbye and……. Thank you.

This poem is about: 
My family



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