My Sister

Dear Celeste,

You've made an impact on my life

You made me let go of all my strife

You helped me turn my life around

You caught me before I hit the ground

You helped me heal

You taught me how to feel

You reminded why I should live

You gave me something no one else could give

You let me trust

You quickly help me adjust

You made me laugh in my darkest hour

You made me learn my inner power

You made feel welcome in a place full of strangers

You protected me even though I wasn't in danger

You're the reason I'm still here

You helped me overcome my fear

You're the reason I fight my demons

Your smile was like a thousand suns

You and I will probably never meet again

You and I managed to find a different way to win

You taught me how to love in many different ways

You are my big sister

You gave me love just like a mother

All it took was three days

Three days for you to touch my heart

Three days to create a bond like no other

Three days for your help to finally look in the mirror

Three days was how long it took for you to have my heart in your hands

Three years later that's still right where it stands

Three years later I can still see your wild hair

Three years of longing for you flamed hair and emerald eyes

Three years of crying when I think about you

Three years of you being the reason I go on

Three more years alive all because of you

Three years seem like just a few.

I love you Celeste

You are the best

We're still with each other 

No matter how far away

My love for you is something that will never sway


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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