My Dear Sister


My dear sister, 


How much I've grown for you.


When the harsh reality of the world tried to beat us down

I shielded you,

I held my head up high and smiled through the pain

So you wouldn't see your big sister cry


When we couldn't speak,

I spoke for you

So you wouldn't be afraid even though I was

Your big sister will be your voice


For you my sweet sister,

I would give it all


But now,

You've grown up 

And so have I


The sweet munchkin who used to lean on her big sister,

Can walk on her own now


The quiet little mouse who couldn't speak,

Has found her voice 


My squeak,

My dear sister,

Can do it all on her own


And I,

The big sister,

Understand that I have to let her




This poem is about: 
My family


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