Blurry Conception of Emotions

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 18:27 -- tcouch4


I remember the days of April, and the sadness that never came with them.

I don’t remember, however-and somewhat ironically for that matter-,

the way that you smiled at me, even as I pushed you across the floor

in our green laundry bin that mommy used to hate.

I really don’t remember any smiling from that period of time, especially considering

how little you and I knew about the world, and the blue sky that surrounded us.

And later in life, when I was learning about something stodgy, probably

something along the lines of multiplication tables, I thought about those April days.

And even later, when you learned that a speck of air was lost to the big blue sea,

I continued to think about the days of April.

Speaking honestly, for the sake of you and me, I never stopped thinking about

the fourth month follies.

So look out the window, the blue skies of May are coming.

The happy days and sunshine are here.

Too bad mommy thinks otherwise, and like she always said,

Just because the skies are forever blue,

Doesn’t mean that those who surround us aren’t too. 


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