Fri, 01/10/2014 - 22:01 -- ivasu

To me you are my sister,

But secretly my friend.

You help me when I need it;

On you I can depend.


We used to fight and yell a lot,

Oh, yes, we’ve disagreed.

But I was young and immature,

Too stubborn to concede.


It’s been a while, but we have grown,

Our talks have changed as well.

We might be distant from each other,

But I think it’s going swell.


I really hope you frame this poem,

‘Cause I should be doing work.

But I’m telling you I miss you,

Even when you smirk.


You may not see this all the time,

But I do look up to you.

I s’ppose my gratefulness,

And awe are really overdue.


Well, now you know, the secret’s out,

Don’t bring this up again.

I have to go and do my work,

At home I’ll see you then.


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