Birthday Cheers

Yet another birthday around the corner

But this time you're 16

I've been writing you letters since you were 13

All of them hanging on the wall makes me feel like a good sister


Yet I forget to text and call sometimes while I'm away at college

But you still love me and count as my best friend

I've always told my other friends how lucky I am to have you as a brother

All of them are jealous that we are siblings and friends


Yet again you are 16 this year

But I'm scared when you get your license

I've been thinking that you are careful but teenage boys can be wild

All my worries should disappear because you are responsible


Yet I love you too much and I never realized how important you are to me

But I am seeing the impact you have made on my life "little" brother

I've started to see you grow into an amazing young man

All my dreams about who you would become are even better in reality


I love you brother

I'm sending birthday cheers to you from 136 miles away

This poem is about: 
My family


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