Dear Sis


United States
41° 46' 26.6196" N, 73° 3' 50.904" W

Your pale complexion; white and gray,
I pray that you’ll live through another May.
The hair on your head is growing thin,
And I can’t find any more fat on your chin.
It pains me to know that this is your choice;
But I know that you have lost your voice.
You are too weak to function
Because you’re causing self-destruction
By cutting your skin,
And purging until you are too thin.
Pick yourself up little one,
Your youth is meant to be fun!
I know your future is bright,
So don’t give up this fight.
If you need help, give me a call,
To fight the most evil disorders of all.
I want you to break out of this cage;
I promise it is only a stage.
But you will have to be brave,
If you want to avoid your grave.


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