My Sister, Marla

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 15:42 -- lgrubb


Marla is my sister’s name,

When I was little, we looked the same.

We act alike sometimes too,

I wish those times would be few.

People say she’s my “mini-me”

And everyone will surely see.

Sisters always seem to follow,

It feels like I have no room to swallow!

We do what all sisters must,

Tell deep dark secrets and give our trust.

We laugh with each other all of the time,

We read and write and make silly rhymes.

We sing and dance, telling jokes,

We play many games with our folks.

At times, we tend to quarrel and argue,

But isn’t that what all sisters do?

Sometimes we chose not to fight,

Other times we feel it’s right.

Sometimes we can work together

Through any storm or any weather.

Like a baby she sometimes acts,

Even she can’t deny the facts.

Sometimes we make a great team;

Sisters can get pretty mean.

We sometimes gang up on our brothers,

Other times upon each other.

When I’m gone each other we miss,

We can’t forget our favorite sis.

Even though we disagree,

Sisters we will always be.


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