The Little Gown of White


United States

In a white colored coffin the baby lay,

Her mother had wept the night away.

Not feeling her dying breath,

With her clasped to her mothers chest.

She prayed to keep,

Her darling baby from really going to sleep,

In the cold and bitter arms of death.


They buried her baby in the gown just wrought,

whose every stitch held a hopeful thought,

and never a meaningful doubt.

From her loving mothers sight,

On the marble stone, she wrote with a tear;

"How many hopes lay buried here,

In the little gown of white."


In the Saviours arm little Savannah lay,

from her white colored coffin far away,

In the realms of love and light.

The angels a gown had folded about

It's little from which will never wear out,

a seamless gown of white.



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