Your Path

Mentor was what refered to you

First thing on my mind was always you

Yet what exactly have you done?

You've always risen higher than I had ever hoped

You were a beacon of light with no such awareness

You had no one in front

You paved your own path

And I was left to follow


Comparisions easily arose

"Who's better?"

I always knew what to say


"She's better."

She's always one step ahead

Because I was made to follow


You've always been older

A four year gap in between us

You've always been the social one

With all the friends in the world by your side

And me?

I always struggled to say a word

Your grades always better

Your responsibilities always greater

And of course, your smile always brighter

I couldn't do anything but watch


Day passed and night came

You told me what to do

Advised me from your personal experience

Guided me based on the path you had paved

Instructed me on what I had missed and forgotten

There you are again, but I was not made to follow

Instead I stand by your side

And you let me


You were intimidating to say the least

The sun next to a meager star

You warded off the darkness that took hold of me

And then you pushed me forward

For me to look back at you


"What are you waiting for?" You ask

I look at you in confusion


And I do

I finally pave my own path

Because I was never made to follow

I was made to learn

Until you had nothing left to teach me


We paved our own paths

Until we reached another's

But you were the first path I traversed through

And you'll always be the first person to shape me

You'll always be my mentor.

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