A Reflection

Sun, 02/23/2020 - 21:25 -- jmaldo

With the recent loss of my mom and dad, I can’t help to think how each of my sisters and brother are dealing in their own way with the loss. Sure I have my Wife and Children, and they mean the whole world and more than life itself to me....but my Sisters and Brother have, and Always will have, an unbreakable bond and connection. So I wrote this poem this morning in reflection, gratitude, and witness of Gods Love for them, that although we will miss Mami and Papi, we are NOT alone:

 A Reflection  My beautiful sisters and brother too, how are you today?I’m looking outside, and the skies are gray. But nothing to worry, it’s just one day, as there will be many more mornings, where the sun shines its rays. I’m thinking of you, even though you are far, but deep in my heart, I want you to know, just how special you are. You see, when I was small, I remember the time you took, to think of me and ship me some books. It helped me to read, and explore with my mind, I thought of my big sister; she is so so kind. My brother, an example to serve and be free, I would one day follow his footsteps, and see if it’s me. My sister the youngest, but not younger than me, would show me her love by spending time with me. Across frozen fields covered in snow, in her arms she would carry me, her little brother in tow. My sister the second, was always there too, she told me about Jesus and of His Love for me and you. It planted a seed in my heart so one day, when I was Ready to accept Him, in His Name I would pray. Life continued, and struggles began, I had no clue, how to be a good man. My dad wasn’t there, but I didn’t care, I would face the cold world and meet every dare. I joined the Army, seeking my place, not realizing the challenges and struggles my mind, body, and soul would face. But that was okay, it’s just part of life, the best thing that happened, is I met my wife. She’s been there you see, in all things dark and bright, she let me be me, and helped me to fight. We were blessed with 5 children, 4 boys all now grown, a beautiful daughter, still with us at home. I needed examples of how a husband and father should be, cause I never had an example to help to guide me. I looked at my brother, and my sisters all three, realizing always, they have been there for me. Then I found Jesus, who for you and me died on the cross, to forgive all my sins, and no longer be lost. They say that in life no instruction book is given, but God’s book of life, are directions for living. It has shown me in struggles and when I am down, to look up and trust Him, he is always around. Our lives are not perfect or always sound, but the Love that He shows us will help us stay on ground. So when I see all the struggles and pain and despair, When life throws that curveball, and doesn’t seem fair. Remember He Loves us, and always is there. So even though Mami and Papi, with God they went home, we still have each other, we’re never alone. So with all my heart and love so sincere, know I’m always there for you, I’ll always be here.

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