Wed, 10/01/2014 - 13:00 -- Chloep


I have a little sister. She's 4'10 and has dirty blonde hair that goes past her ears

She has blue eyes that look stormy grey a lot of times.

She dresses like an angry teenage boy most times

But sometimes she dresses like a fairy or a princess and she looks the part

My sister has tiny feet and little bitty shoes. 

She has nice white teeth but she also has a sharp tongue 

My sister doesn't smile a lot. She smirks and frowns a whole lot

Sometimes she cries too

I like her smile best though. She has a smile that can fix anything

My sister is a little younger than me but a lot of times she has to look after me

I am not always strong enough 

She always protects me. She can always make me feel better

I try to do the same. I always try very hard to make my sister proud of me

She is my hero and she's the best person I know

But sometimes I do things wrong 

And I have to say I'm sorry because I hate disappointing her

My sister is a lot smaller than me. I think that's nice 

I like to carry her around and hug her. She gives some of the best hugs

She does things wrong sometimes but she is always going to be my hero

I couldn't be without her one single day

She has a funny laugh. She sort of wheezes and breathes in and out really quick

I think it's a cute laugh

My sister can be really scary. My sister always has my back no matter what 

I have a little sister. She is 4'10 and she doesn't like to sing out loud

My sister loves to write. She likes to play music too

She has elf ears that are kind of pointy. My little sister is skinny like a twig

And she dances funny, like she's having a seizure sometimes

She likes to use sarcasm

She can be mean and she can be sweet

My little sister is 4'10

She has blonde hair and elf ears

She is my hero

I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world or even the whole world

She is the best sister anyone could ever ask for.


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