Would you like to eat some elbows,

in the summertime?

The story’s told that pepper and salt

makes them taste real fine.


They say to munch them on the left

and nibble them on the right…

Eat them with a fork and

eat them day and night!


If you’d like some elbows

here’s a place to look;

They’re not up in the cupboard and

they’re not found in a book.


The very best tasting elbows

are all around you see.

They are closer than you know and

they’re found on you and me.


Good elbows are hard to find but

can be spotted from a tree.

They are more difficult to get to and

are smaller than your knee.


So if you raise your little arms

and lift them in the air,

You’ll find some tasty elbows

waiting for you up there.


They’re half way to your fingers

well before the end.

They hang out on the arm

just opposite the bend.


If you want to make your elbows

yummy for some lick’in

Please fold them up just like so

and flap them like a chicken!


Before we end this silly song

let’s sit down on the floor.

And eat some delicious elbows

before they run out the door.


No need to cook or soak them

or sprinkle them with lime.

Your very own baby elbows

are tasty every time.


The only trouble we’re facing,

before we have a bite,

Is that our yummy yummy elbows

are stuck so very tight.


It’s impossible to get them

close enough to have a chew.

I guess we’ll need to settle for

a big bite of your left shoe!



Topic assigned by Olea (4 years old)


This poem is about: 
My family


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