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"VIRTUOUS HUMAN" You're the true instance of virtuous human. Your mind as pure as crystal, your heart soft and sound like waters.
Mi amor cuando te vas Cuando se vaya Es mi luna que se va Es mi sol que se va Yo no como
Mon amour quand tu pars Quand tu t’en vas C’est ma lune qui part C’est mon soleil qui s’en va Je ne mange pas
Sometimes, we have to be brave to say hello, To a neighbor or a stranger who won't respond.At times, we have to wave at the ducks in the pond, Without being sprayed with spittle or water of coco. Sometimes, we bow our head to greet a teacher, A pr
A real wife Is the other half The spouse Of the big or small house
  the world with humanity includes the dignity the path of faith the peoples in this prison  care , respect and reason along the way to seasons the part of year humans ,animals hear
We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
Girls must have the undeniable rights to speak,And the God-given rights to choose and pick.Girls must have the rights to be educated,To be respected and to be protected.Girls are human beings too;
You don’t miss me And me neither Missy Life is full of shocks and surprises To the foodies, everything is about business
So When Are We TOO OLD To Be Seen As.... " Dope ".... ?!? Or What's Called HOT Like Some SUPER FINE Crotch.... !!!!! Well I'm At THAT AGE Where My Body NOW ACHES... !!! But STILL Have A BRAIN That Functions... OKAY... !!!
12 percent of me is in the moment, 15 is withdrawn, Because 30 is wasted on stress,  And 43 wants to right all the wrongs.   Our world seems to be fading, Split apart at the seams
I’m honest and genuine when I declare my love for my King. I love you more than I have ever loved another, you make my soul sing. This love hit different, deeper, a real soul connection type of thing.
I'm driving the speed limit, car clean, I'm clean, everything is up to date But I'm still stopped by the law  I put my hands on the steering wheel "Officer why am I being stopped?" "I ask the questions" (aggressive)
Your knee is on my neck Hands handcuffed behind my back I'm on the ground I'm cooperating
Because their was a gun Our black Americans are dying Left and right everyday of the month Just because he looks like your suspect doesn't mean he was Making an arrest off of suspension no proof
  We are many shades of color. We carry the most fear. The guilt in the elimination of those who are us of coloured.
You will never know. Mercifully you will never feel that tremendous traumatic terror on your heart. You should never be held at gunpoint for false accusations.
He wakes up. And gets ready for the day. Just to go to the store and end up dead the same day. He was socially accused but no evidence.
Being black is not a crime. Ralling together for justice shouldn't be as well. What they did was unlawful, it was appalling, it was a barbaric murder.
These Days It's CLEAR I've Now Passed ... " Those Years " ... !!! Where RUNNING My Mouth ... To PROVE WITHOUT Doubt ... That My Thoughts Are SOUND ... Is NO LONGER A Need That Lives Within Me ... !!!
You came to Iowa, married, divorced. He wanted you to be small. You wouldn’t have it. No one can contain you, Extraordinary woman.
People These Days Are SO DAMNED RUDE ... !!?!! And Seem To Think They Should NOT Use ... Words Like THESE These Two ... THANK YOU ... !!! This Gets To Me Doesn't It To You ... ?
Dont fuck with me I send bullets missed aim as a warning Because I never miss when I aim The level of respect I remain peaceful Choose the path im on Lessons turned into blessing Freedom is wealth
Respect is dying everyday ! The old dismay cos' the young display a lack of respect in their crazy ways ! So ... Pay close attention this isn't wordplay !
The crowd sees the face Recognizing the infamous brand Awe dominates as they stand As it sweats charisma on command   IS that the myth? No, that's the MAN   The crowd sees the body
Drop the beat and murder you Can't be in two places at once Hearing the shell drop Like playing piano by key After dark Dim beam light Go blind Lost and found Lost the time
Some sort of sour stench seeps into my senses as I stroll across the sidewalk.A split second -- my sixth sense smells somethingseriously sinfulserenading through the streets.
don't you ever just want to throw up at how many people use our belief system to justify their rancid, filthy hate?   i'd give my left arm and right hand to love everyone the way i'm supposed to and
Telling someone to "be kind" What a stupid thing to do We've been taught it since day one Only an idiot would not know It's something first graders learn 
I'm thankful for my mama  I'm thankful for my sisters  I'm thankful for my brother  And all I've been given  I'm thankful for their love  I am so blessed  Never ever will I  See them as pests  They desire my success  And push me hard with no rest
I am an angry woman.    No, I don't have picket signs propped up in my garage or a coarse voice, from screaming. I've never marched down a street with proud sisters,
This is a recorded performance at the Bite of Seattle 2017. I will type up the lyrics later.
I think I paint because of fear of the abstract. I think I have fear, and there it is, Blossoming in my behaivor.   Like a flower peddle swayed by the wind, I begin my life when many will end.
I dye my hair. I play guitar. I create art. But, hey! I'm more than just a semi-realistic stereotype! I'm part of a choral group.  I go to church every Sunday. I love the library.
Dutiful, disciplined, dependable dad. How happy to have had: teacher, trainer, tactful taskperson. Listening to lectures, leaning, learnin', sometimes snubbing, I've learned so much; thanks for loving. 
The distance between us was this thin metal wall as the world passes by and no emotion would fall into the distance where echoes were heard but not a sound from people
RESPECT *1Respect is the Desire of everybody's mind, But is only given to people who are kind. *2Respect is given to those who deserve it, And is not given to those who are unfit for it.
I'm not going to lie. Sometimes adults underestimate me. I'm not going to brag, But I'd like to think that I'm a little more mature than my peers. Yet I'm always told that I "would never understand."
Judgment, I give Voices, I hear Stories, they tell Shoes, I stand in I stand where they stand I say what I know I voice what I understand I see judgment
When I was browsing Old photos On your old laptop that Can’t play sound Because you broke the end of Headphones Into the jack
Glass clouded with Hemlock's breath,with a crunch I step untoand revel in the sight of deathso sweet, compared to bitter you.
Like summer cockroaches they come out hot & defiant - scattering swiftly in all directions. Breaking free from decency
She is that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green, orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.   She is
I meant no disrespect I never did, but I am not to be held accountable for what you think I meant. If I say we are allowing ourselves to be victimized it is not as bad as you think,
My generation is broken by the lack of respect. And yet are told to respect our elders. How am I to love someone if I am not loved back. Is that what you try to teach us?
When I first met you, I thought you were a clever man and I respected you. When I first talked to you, I thought you were a brilliant man and was intrigued by you. 
we're all human  no matter what religion we follow or dont follow   we're all human  no matter what culture we belong to we're all human  no matter what ethnicity we are we're all human
Dear Strong, Powerful, Influential women of the #MeToo movement,   Ladies! Arise and shine for thy light has come The world has given unto you the keys to the kingdom No longer will you be termed “The Reject” 
Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Dear Older Woman in the Grocery Store, I am your cashier. I scan your cookies, your cakes, your medications; I make polite conversation, delicately choosing my words As you delicately chose and scribbled each item
We are not less than We are your equals We are not your captives We are not your vassals
Dear Lailia,  I don't really understand you,  and it isn't because of your language, culture or because you enthrall my everything when you look at me. You're so put together for someone from somewhere far away. 
Love is respect Love is strong Love is described and learned, not taught Love is commodious and yet sometimes cruel Love is wanted and found, like food Love can teach us who we are And where we´ve been
R.E.S.P.E.C.T what does it mean to me? no, i'm not referring to Aretha Franklin record R.E.S.P.E.C.T. what does it mean to me? what it truly embodies Respect how can you honestly be a teacher
I drank him in like the fifth bottle of beer. Swallowing the toxic liquid, I relived the fear. It is one o’clock in the morning, I received a text saying, “Baby, I’m home from work. Show me your body. I love you.”
Dear Little Brothers and Sisters, When you have a relationshipKeep this in mind: Hold their hand,  to comfort themRaise your voice,in support of them
I. Just. Love. You. No words in the world are more true   People say that I want many things Maybe a dress and maybe a ring That I ask too much I should love for a touch
To whom it may concern: No one knows your name. And why should they? What have you done in life to earn respect, love, to make your mark? Nothing. And you never will.
Because I love you I will s m o o t h out your hair whenever you get frustrated Because I love you I will watch movies I. Don’t. Like. Because I love you I will go on adventures with you  
The Art of Respect   “Don’t worry, I love you.” He reached down for more.   Beautiful, Wild,
He spit ink into my throat, told me it would soothe the ache I felt. It wasn't until a week later, when my lungs collapsed, that I realized he was hurting me.
I’ll respect you, not abuse you I’ll encourage you, not discourage you I’ll cheer you, not depress you I’ll stand up for you, not ignore you
Because I love you... words that can easily change from endearing to manipulative.   I want full access to your social media, because I love you Bail on your friends and social life for me,
You bring me Roses after it happens                     Everytime. By then.                 the bruises Still haven’t faded. They turn    a deep Purple. I haven’t
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
Because I love you, I will continue to follow my dreams I will expect the respect that I deserve. I will make my own decisions and I will be independent.
Because I love you I know that you like your eggs scrambled, Your bacon extra crispy, And your orange juice freshly squeezed in the morning.   Because I love you
Our first kiss felt like a supernova, explosive and iridescent, scattering my universe with cosmic dust.
HEY!, DON'T TOUCH ME RIGHT THERE!!!! I AM A LADY!!!! Im no one of these easy chicks Im not the one to get up in it quick I AM A LADY!!!! I'm not gonna allow you to touch my ass
It's so nice to feel supported My good intentions never extorted. Your actions aren't malicious or your statments ficticious. You will always bring out the best in me because our love was meant to be.
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
I can tell By looking at you This is love You like the Broncos I like the Colts You are outgoing I’m an introvert You have an Xbox I have a Wii But, still, we work perfectly
I feel the love you give to me It's so sweet and sincere Like honey Not that artificial honey That all natural kind
Because I am in love with you... I will always anwer your calls,  Even when they are filled with nonesense ramblings Or your quiet sobs. Because I am in love with you... I will always hold you at night,
he slides his arms around my hips, we sway softly, lips to lips - the words come quiet in the cold, but we are warm, and we are home.  
In a relationship, you can lose yourself.   Society says: You “complete” each other. You’re “inseparable”. Two halves of a whole.
I Feel It In My Gut By Ashley Herkommer   Because I love you…
"Look at me beautiful," you say gently, as you wipe away my tears, or hold my shaking hands. I look up to meet your eyes           flooding with love           flooding with concern
Dear 17 year old girl with a 5 year old heart staring back at me in the mirror: You are growing up so fast. Yesterday, you swung rung from rung on the monkey bars. You painted portraits with your words at show and tell.  
Who deserves the respect out of hand, I wonder… The Youth, in an unknown world with few tools,
Let's get back to being human As we lost it some way back We devolved to war and warrior; Let's regain the human track Let's get back to being human It's who we're meant to be
A forbidden word A disgraceful word But an important word We all love to forget We all love to push aside But we must make room for self-respect
Respect, Sacred, Mutual, Loving, Trusting, Building, Relationships, Cooperation, Discordance, Lies, Breaking, Hating, Uprooting, Lost, Rude, Hate
Mirror mirror on the wall What will be the death of us all?   She sat there making judgment of who is most fair Where dreams come true, she lived a nightmare
She wanted more. She wanted more for herself than just to be an underwater princess. She wanted a life. She needed a normal human life.  She went to make a deal with a witch.
Whatever your beliefs. Atoms colliding or Adam and Eve. We should thank the architect for the greatest design. Chemistry, biological or divine. Believe what you will, nobody can deny.
We close our eyes to the unjust visions We close our ears to the cries for help                the cries of pain We shut our doors to our brothers and sisters We shut out the rest of the world
Yes, I can see them by the sunset’s gloom, Those who I enveloped with my undulating figure, Whose many shapes and colors through the presence of doom,
A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it? I know I live it and am a nominee, but have not physically endured it - thank God.
What is equality? While business leaders seem to love the gold but at the cost of being so cold Thet treat those below them in a manner seen as cruel but whatever happened to the golden rule?  
where did the minds of the people go? the minds that love the idea of loving someone giving yourself to someone, but not physically
Today more than ever, we face a time where we need to be heard. Today more than ever, we have to work together, because acts of hate won't stop us, they are a remainder that there is a lot work to be done;
W: We A: Are R: Retaliating   We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
Respect is a gift consistently well-received, not always given. 
In the past year I've realized I need to carry myself higher To work bluecollar with peasants so I could be the Sire I see now you have to work for respect rather than to expect it
Gentrification gettin’ into this nation;Historically segregation, Killin’ kids, lit in flames and;Rioting makes it hasten, and racists make the hatred;It’s wicked and dangerous, we livin’ in hades;
I should never have written poetry for you.  I respect that you care for yourself, But I hate that you never learned how to care for others.
There are some days  when life just gets me down but when I see I'm in this haze There's someone who I've found   He can't speak our language and has tiny paws with pointed claws 
No one moves until you're in motion A lot of times when the chapter is closing Just a moment too little too late We done already served the last plate It's crazy tho I haven't seen you in years
But the most beautiful things in life are no just things. They're people, and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter
Our world: consequence, disease, reward, and inconvenience.  Smiles and laughs that entail crying--  And without even trying-- we acknowledge those who are dying.  Respect for the lost is given without proximity,
Sometimes when I think to myself "Is the Golden Rule just there to be threre?" Because I scrath my head and wonder... Aren't humans a race? Culture is what makes us different.
Help! I did it again. I walked to the priest with my face reflecting pain. I said to him, “Priest, you are the modern quintessence of Cain!” “Priest, you are this society’s pain!”
[Freestyle Slam] 7/12/2016 Grave me with the words left unsaid; that drowsy night under the light pole I was waiting for a man who said had loved me.
Miscommunication, no empathy , the message never getting through.  I try and try, but you only see your point of view.  Understanding breeds from knowledge and compassion, characteristics I wouldn't use to describe you. 
The beauty of the world has been masked with a false sense of acceptanceYou are designed In his favor and you aren't even smart enough to accept itWe simply continue to reflect on the irrelevant and neglect what's most import
Over where the family sits and enjoys the company they share;Sweet melodies are sung by flowers of the past:the horrors that happened there.Unknowingly they carry on-not one asks what occurred.
What does Poetry mean to me? The words in my head that I can't get out. That's Poetry. My fingers flwing over keys as my head clicks along. That's Poetry. Poetry is me. With a computer. And my brain.
I love poetry Almost the same I love you. Living life thinking of it Without you, poetry is The only I got to express my love.   I vibe your grief, Telling me how hurt you got.
"I wanna be a police officer when I grow up!" A little boy of just a few year said to me.He must not see the news.
Learn how to love yourself How to stand alone stand tall without anyone's help Do all this before you enter in something with someone else Command respect, for you are a future queen
Why give your soul to be controlled It's not your role to carry all the load As he sits on his ass and grows old masquerading his nonchalance So good your eyes thinks he's excellent
She pens her whispers into hushed handwriting. shouts her fears, thoughts, angers into the cold clean air.   slinks through every inhalation that passes,
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
Le Freak by Chic makes me move my feet. I dance to the trance of the bass-filled beat. Feeling and finding the groove and rhythm of the instruments.
  I was formed by broken words. “Broken English,” my mother called it. But to me, it was just how Dad spoke.   He’d come home from hours at the factory. “I have faith on you,” he’d say.
She kept a roof over my head And made sure I stayed fed If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here My heart is where I hold her near   She gave me everything, her love, time, and advice.
I wished I LOVED you It would be so much SIMPLER   To LOVE you But NO  I don't LOVE you What I feel is less the LOVE  But more then I SHOULD  because the SIMPLE fact of the matter is  That I shouldn't fell anything but respect for you. I have put
i grew up with Them i grew up with Their love and Their lies i grew up with Their help and Their hurt
Do you understand what feelings are? And that other people get them too? Do you know we all have battle scars Proof of all that we've been through?   Do you know that live hearts do care?
New aged shit/ I want you but no commitments/ I do me, I got you but I still want to fuck around with them/ I'm not ready to settle down yet/ but I want to kick with you when it's convenient/ I love you and later on in life I plan to marry you/ bu
Life is not a poem. Any irony, foreshadowing, or rhyme scheme is accidental. You can’t read out my life in neat little stanzas and peal back the meanings one by one.
Dear best friend, Please stop liking my Facebook posts. We stopped being friends for a reason. I don't want you on my news feed. Please, don't get pissed. You were the one who ended it.
I am not a prisoner. Though I am bound by the shackles of life, I remain strong.  
Ladies? Are we worthy of the title? Such beautiful masterpieces  Being scammed out of our worth by theives Who expect me to believe That my ass makes me relevant And my intelligence makes me a prude
I need to say I'm sorry to my friends for lying to your faces again and again yeah i still drink yeah i still smoke but you still loved me regardless of this stuff that you know
I apologize that my tongue does not  flap the way yours does   I’m sorry my vernacular does not meet your standards   My southern twang drips sparingly from
Just because.  I show respect. Does not mean.  I'm afraid. Or scared. I have seen a side  Of what I am. That men wish  Was never there.
Woman- what does it mean? Tall, fat, skinny, short; why not smart, compassionate, or witty? I know I know, boys will be boys,  they will think and speak crude talk, but can't they be taught that We are more?
Love is love, sex is sex. If God hated gays why would they exist? It's not a choice, it's how they are, they accept you, it's not so hard. They want respect, not remorse, give them their rights don't tear them apart.
Patience is a virtue I always hear the saying But patience proves to not be fire proof Burnt from the pain of my past lives 
Real thugs...  
A simple definition will not due. What is respect? My idea or yours? I know where yours comes from. It comes from a branch so sucked into the means of society, it has lost all meaning.
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
When you walk through the door, And say hello to me, With an abashed and quite face, You look to them with no word. No kindness to offer that comes to a hello. You give them nothing,
Papa always told me I wasn't a porcelain barbie. He said I was too dark to be lovely, I had no pink cheeks nor colored eyes. He refused to stay home most of the time,
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
What's nice about me? What do I see?  Hell, wouldn't I like to know.    The words beauty, flawless, and pretty those aren't words that come to mind
People view me as four eyes, But when I take those glasses off it’s something about those chestnut brown eyes that sucks you in. You began to take notice of this young woman’s other captivating features.
Dear Diary, Today I was pushed to the ground,
Love and Respect
I am me, myself, and I I am a man who likes to say hi not goodbye I am afraid of the day I will die But I'm also afraid of not living life I shine bright like the stars in the night sky
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
I am a goddess of perceptual beauty woven by my own intricacies;  a tapestry of feminine familiarity.   I am a goddess of voluptuous curves shaped by motherly hands;
I woke up like this. I opened my magic, crusty eyes this morning And yawned my genius, stink-breath mouth. I lifted my sleep-heavy body with the strength of lions, Herculean! I woke up like this.
I know I'm flawless, I could assume.      I aim to do others, impress.  At best I'd fill them with "Fl
When perfection is plastic, and beauty is pain, And personality is viewed as a crutch, The world is construed, and I am so proud
f(x)=a(ng+el)*r[e(y-e)^s] I am a complex math function  that you cannot understand. So, what do you do first? Step 1: Factor completely. Extract my primes and variables, 
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
Sometimes I think about that long summer day with my golden skin and that natural hair I was too comfortable in and I thank myself for allowing me to be free even if it was just me and a mirror in an unconditioned room.
My heart crawls through the world, Yet my pulse only stutters when my gift is unwrapped.   Thoughts run dull when its ribbon glistens bright, Drool trips over as the color turns ripe,
Everyone tells me how beautiful I am, and yet I don't see none of it.   All I see is a hopeful girl holding on to false promises and dreams.   They gather around a
I'm bout that B, town coming coming down
    Middle school, 7th grade.  When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes. It gets taken away, out of know where. 
Confidence is key but no one ever taught me how to achieve it. I learned it on my own by realizing other opinions won't make me any different. 
  Standing in front of the mirror staring at your face and body 
From a tender young age           we are told to                                        respect our elders By our elders   So from what age 
 I'm always the First to come and last to leave because I am a  Leader in a world of followers who live life on social media I'm
You don't tell me what to do;
Yeah, it’s
A long, long time ago Yesterday
Women are equal as men. Although it takes two to make a baby, babies would not be in this world without women. I do believe the creation of life is a 50-50 job between a man and a woman, but within the job, the roles are split up.
My thighs stretch out across the seat when I sit.
Rumor has it that scars of gold kept you hidden behind a veil of words that were forbidden to hear, and the tattoos of watercolors began to slosh around on your marble skin, until no single pigment could be found.
If you do not feel anything When your fingers touch a keyboard   You are not a poet   If there is not the slightest rhythm From the syllables stampeding In a Socratic circle
A cry echos as a childs first breath is taken in this world the joy in his mother the pride in his father
How heavy was I for 9 months? Was I a bothersome lodger? Did I ruin your sleeping pattern? Through my kicks and summersaults?   As a toddler I ran around You chase and caught me with tickles
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
                                         Pussy   Men sometimes put no value to sex and the sacred decision a woman might hold dear for the reason to
Do I know you? The words you pronounce  are so ugly and dirty, But you say they fit me just perfectly.  Do I know you?  No, I do not  but here I am lying on the floor
Stop...Pause...and Think... Theres some thing about a womans beng There something about the way she thinks The way she sees You can't tell me God isn't real Just look at these beautiful queens
                                                                                                RESPECT Respect is earned It shouldn’t be taken for granted It is shown to anyone who deserves it Respect is earned
We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
I can do all things through Christ
I know you see him… sitting on the sidewalk. Why don’t you go say hi?                 I’m scared… He won’t hurt you; he’s just sad and feels alone. Wouldn’t you like to be treated like a human?
Face the path whose bricks you place Life blooms through the sour maze Liars will set the beauty ablaze The heart will mourn while hands replace
our mother (earth) knows pain more than any human could experience and/orcomprehendbouts of droughts are known to occur during summer; the phrase “when it rains it pours” isn’t well known for little reasoning
To Be Heard: My Voice Silent, for so many years
What will it take for you to see that I just want to be. A friend, not a lover, cause I know you have another. Understand ? or is that to hard to comprehend, that a guy can just be. I just want to be.
Love means...?   I love him till that last star stops shining  Bet you, he don't love you like that.   Mac, your best friend It hides your scars everyday Your girls tell you, 
Who the heck are you to tell me I’m wrong? How can you be so sure that the song I sing is out of tune?
Here we are, wounded and scared. With fear in our hearts and confidence in our eyes we run for cover as the bullets fly by. Flash back to a young lad on the living room floor, as his eyes lit up at the commercial he adored.
I am writing this to you. My love, my ecstacy, the one and only I come to.   You know who you are,
A haze of smoke hung thick through all the air; The cries of dying men echoed 'round.  The light from booming cannons showed an eerie glare, Twisted figures lay strewn upon the ground.   
"what makes you tick?"   
It's dark and alone in here But I still bite my tongue because it's better I don't mind the spiders and ghouls The reward means so much greater I would rather be what I am not To please my own kin
Behold Teacher! I am the perfect teen! I am exactly who you want me to be. I never break the law and your homework is my hobby. I prefer reading the dictionary to TV
We feel the need to change ourselves. Rearrange ourselves. Our features and faces, we wax and we tweeze Applying the colorful goos and powders as we please. And why? In the name of those around us.
Angel hands with long and nimble fingers Smoothed with age, paths of wisdom along pale skin They comfort and soothe
-Redefine beauty. Extract all the melanin from my skin, or add just a bit more to yours and let's see what difference it makes in our personalities. No change.
Put down your pencil, And pay attention to your class, Not everyone is like you, They’re all just trying to pass,   You make think that they care, But they’re all laughing in their reclining chair,
The family next door just bought a vase. Venetian glass, they tell us. Very fancy. Took a lot of money and effort to get here.   It looks beautiful, sitting silently on the table.
To you an American Soldier, so brave, considerate, and exceptional too. This poem here is in great honor to you.
How was I supposed to know it was so bad to be educated and black? Do I really intimidate you to the point of you trying to hold me back? All I've tried to do was make something out of $5 and a dream,
                                                       Do not fight over me.                                                        I am neither Helen of Troy
See mom she was something special,
  She exploits her body to the opposite sex Or the same sex It doesn't matter right As long as she gets her pay check Because at the end of the night Her pockets are full $500 in tips
Don’t give up just yet, We all go through hard times I don’t want to say goodbye, And I care so please don’t cry   But when I stand here with you, I see what could be so true
A capable mother in low income housing is like a superman in metropolis    A capable mother is one who has access to a car and when you have a need she comes through for you even if it goes unnoticed  
The pretty girl who everyone wants they admire you for your smarts  respect all your wishes all the boys wanted to call you theirs and one day, a boy was able to   you thought you loved him
I am thankful for the clothes on my back thru this chilling season,For the roof over my head and comfortable bed,For the plenty of food that keeps my tummy full,
Hair of wool, skin of bronze bible says scripturally. White face, straight hair, how man describes, see soul digs deep. Release thoughts, that man have no want of average person to know,
Hobby (noun) an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation
You want to know what really bothers me? When someone come and block my view of the class board and I cannot see.
Give me time To change the world To blossom and fly To metamorphasis
Lights, Camera, Action Light, How do you see it? Can you even see it? Or is it felt on the fine arms that brush up when air is left of mist.
Silence flows through the air oh so coldsitting there waiting a young man so old, asking for love
Yo dad do you want something from the store? Nah son im cool.
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
A Life Never Lived I hear them quarrel About my life So cold and immorel Words like a knife   The truth is ungloved
Acceptance is not submission. It’s not a provision for idleness. It’s not a justification for regression. It’s the potential for improvement. We battle on fields of death For our beliefs,
What would you change? What would I change? I'd chage the way peole think, Get rid of the unnceccasary judgement. Who needs that? Certainy not we. We have the power to learn,
Hand a dollar to your neighbor if she's ever in needShare a smile with a stranger when his endeavours succeedTake a cloud from the storm and make the lonely a new friend
In 7th grade, I knew I was gay I didn't think it was normal Not to be straight So I cut up my skin And took a lot of drugs I drank a lot of alcohol And gave lots of boys hugs
Dreams What do they mean? Are they really just the end goal? Or unrealistic fantasies One my dream of fam or fortune And what a wonderful dream that is But I? I dream to make a difference
It all started when I was just a thought in my mothers mind A guessing game for the ages I waited Waited in the corners of my mothers heart In the nutrient enriched darkness of uncertainty Of care
If I could change the world, I would abolish prejudice; Or the bumpy past, That created it. No race more superior, No size more supreme. Only happiness,  And positivity gleamed.   
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
a job will make you money, but a career is about a dream. jobs will take you far though, and show what your career really means.   a job isn't about the salary or about power or looking good;
Four years of college Four years of math Four years of science in every science class General speaking which I hate the most But when it comes to English i always take the gold
I have never had sex They judge me as a prude It hurts my heart Them being so rude   I want him to love me But he won't for sure He thinks me a tease Easy to lure  
The child wanted to be an artist until she saw one with talent. The child wanted to be a teacher, but her slight lack of patience would destroy her.
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
Take a walk in their shoes Feel the warmth of their harsher views Feel the cold air pass them by Feel the pain residing inside Feel the goosebumps on their skin Or perhaps the sadness of their decieving grin
Dreams of my future All contain fuzzy pictures of my goal. Perhaps I’ll heal wounds by sewing sutures Or checking vitals and removing cancerous moles. No one category is completely chosen
Is it really that hard to respect that I have my limits too? I do not choose to live my life to please a man like you. Feel free to continue to shout and yell, I think I’ll take my leave.
These words I'm spilling may not be quite clear, a job is not a career. Let us not strife, but a job cannot change my life.   To see your reflection and see success, must be the best.
I would change the view that it's not you to look up at one another as we walk from point a to point q   I would change how we feel when we're in a class
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
In hard times as these Life has a strong cost. To be begging on your knees, And all hope to be tossed.   I too, was the child who longed see a meal. I saw lavish spending from a friend.
The one thing that ears at me, Is that someones looks is all they see. Beauty should be inner not outter,  And that is the one thing that I would change.   One can be beautiful with piercings and tattoos,
RESPECT:  Respect is a lesson that is earn Respect must be given before an expected return Respect is something that is never give for free Respect is never overstepping boundaries
Do you hear them? The warriors of this age who don't beat their chests and tattoo their faces who don't fight off the bad guys and save all the good guys. These are the true warriors
Would you do it? Kill a friend? If you killed a child, Would it end? An elderly man Wheelchair bound, Would you knock him To the ground? What of a dog Battered and beaten?
Standing there Talking to a student My teacher Is making A new world.   She is as White As the moon.   But she talks to Us, Black people, Like we were
You were taught as a kid to be nice not mean  but growing up you were taught to stand up for what you believe, so if a bully calls you out " your ugly, you stink , those eyes are too big" is it wrong to fight but
Respect comes in many forms Being quiet while someone else is talking Saying please and thank you Holding the doors for others All forms of respecting others  
I am a woman.
Dedicated In Memory of Tim McCormick 
The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world. Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.
I'm crying in my crib and I reach to feel your warmth that radiates the most when I need it. Mom Come pick me up.
Love me, I a
What be of
The giant sleeping in the roomIs what  I'm wearing today.Barely covers the end of my assAccents self with too much skinTied up in fishnetToday,My body is mineThis outfit my body.
Ms. C, my favorite thing about writingIs taking time to really decode it,But in your class I’m frequently fightingWhen you imply that all our thoughts are shit.You lecture us, but last year Ms. K taught.
Stuff  I Can't Say To My Teacher What many things they are ,
When the teacher turns around people start giggling,
  From overuse of makeup To having sex to make up The women of this society have Began to lose their touch They’ve become victims Victims to men who’d rather Nut then be a friend
I know the difference between a hero, And being a complete zero. Unnoticed is how you lived, You had so much to give. You loved even me, Now your soul is completely free.
Excuse me dear teacher I too am a creature That would like some comfort though I am no expert Here a plan of action That comes with attraction Excuse me dear teacher I too am a creature
You can't build success just on swag That's like going school in a trash bag You can't party all day sleep all night You must work to your best just to make it right Sure you can walk with that hint of sauce
Why should I respect you? When you feed me propaganda- I don’t react pleasantly.  Oh credit cards are the devil and fracking is great- REALLY?  
I may be quiet, I may be shy, but that doesn't mean recognition will kill me.   What I'm doing right -homework, quiet, listening- even if everyone else is disregarding your voice,
There are some students who don't respect. There are those who don't care about their teachers. Respect them and they will recommend
To hear, if only I could hear. To hear those words so soft and fruitful. To hears suchwords when I am youthful. Time goes by and so does this rhyme, but riddle me this,
You learn it.You earn it.You give it. Or that's the way life is supposed to go, anyway. Take a look around this classroom.Do you see it?I sure as hell don't.
Why does a professor have to guess your race? Why do students laugh at the race comments that a professor makes? Is it funny to the minorities in class? No its not. I attend a university in Central Minnesota where it is dominantly white.
Wake up, it’s a normal day. Go to work, the normal way. Down the street and into a building, up the elevator and down into a chair. Typing words and drinking coffee, I hear a man telling how he got mad at his kids the other day.
I see people walking byAnd I wonder what it's likeDo they see what I seeWhen they look at you with meThen I think of what I'd sayIf they ever asked why I feel this way
The curtains opened, The lights went out, Silence fell over the crowd. With a burst of light, There was quite the sight For an hour before we all bowed. The applause-it roared-
I will be whoever the fuck I want. Let me repeat that. I, Faith Rider, will be, whoever, whatever, the fuck I want. Everyone is putting themselves in boxes, "I'm straight!." "I'm Gay!" "I'm Bi!"
Every day I fail The end looks better and better   If only I could mail All my problems away   Release a single breath And be freed of all my sorrow   Pop a meager bubble
You wonder why we don't participate?If you'd look at us and actually see what's happening right in front of youWe would say:Engage usAsk real questions, make us think, grow our minds
You've got me in the palm of your hand, because deep down, I'm a good girl. I'm a kind girl. I'm a caring and devotedly loving girl. I want to make you happy. I want you to be proud of me.
Respect is a way to connect. Respect is a way to reset. Respect is something people should all do. Don't be unrespectful. Be respectful. To your Parents, Grandparents, and even your friends.
[You're old]school in this modern world.Love your stories but your style has to go.Not so easy to learn from these pre-made pre-testsand you need to give it a rest."American Government's not boring."
My question for you Is the truest of true Its mostly about you and your teaching too.   Why can't we have phones when you waste our time and text? Why is it when we ask questions
Voices and ventilators echo, Through suffocating hallways, As I walk in a long beige coat, My hair a shoddy bun.   Skin transparent, Veins blue, Blood burning, Clawing to my center,
Respect is a two way street, It’s not selective.   It doesn't go from a two way To an one way.   It’s not with one person putting in all the effort.
You call this higher learning? You call this a class? I think what you should call this is a half empty glass. What are you doing with your life, where are you going with this class.
What teachers see over the horizon of their desk: Screaming 3-year-olds, Messy 8-year-olds, Chatty 11-year-olds, Texting 13-year-olds, And Disrespectful 16-year-olds. The things they rarely see:
The role of an educator grants power and authority, Yet some treat students with degrading inferiority   Your role is hard and I respect your position Because a role as a teacher is
Feminazi I hate that word! Don't you dare put me down. I want my rights!  I want recognition! Don't make me look a clown. I'm not a nazi.  I am a woman; a feminist at that
It was pouring rain on the day you left me. I didn't want to say goodbye, but I knew this country needed you. We listened to the radio, not knowing what to say. There was a chance you wouldn't return to me.
When the Troops came home, we just stood there... Watching them salute to some of the heartless glares. You could tell they wanted to break down; but they couldn't, they're soldiers; there's no need for a frown.
She used to be so soft spokenNow she puts up a front acting all toughRaged because she feels usedAnd the world owes her something for leading her too be fooled and pulled into the reality of the true ending of a fairy tale
Your job is tough, your life is rough I swear I understand But any little thing that goes wrong Is not reason to get mad You cry you scream you kick and curse You are only making things much worse
Why is it Im your student why am I less than you Im just as capable  Im just not as experienced  I know what I'm  doing I try hard I work hard so why is 
Yes yes, no no, They all say different things But it all means the same thing To you   They say “I’ll try” Or they’ll put it in a file But in the end you’ll only hear the words
You see things with envy, through your holy,and pure eyesAnything different, you simply despise“One must live proper, a man and his wife”We’d love to live peacefully, hopeful and true
You sit in front of class And read slides with eyes like glass Waiting for the time to pass While rebuking any sass And you call yourself a teacher, Though you sit up in the bleachers
  Now you’re standing there tongue tied You better learn your lesson now Cocky, maybe Foolish, yes Overconfident, definitely  However  We smarter than we look; have some respect 
Grab a hand and stand together   let here a heartfelt welcome  hand by hand race by race  together we stand equal   strong and firm We are never alone   so be a friend and lend an ear
Respect.   These kids are ruthless  . You try to teach, No one listens. Why? I'll tell you why. You want respect, but you don't give it. "Be on time!" you say as you walk through the door minutes past the bell.
AIDS is real I hate condoms Oh yes I know we want to feel every side of it HIV doesn’t seem real when you are having the best feeling in the world You don’t think about AIDS when you pay visit to the vagina
Unheard   Hello? Is anybody there? Can you hear me?  
these red viscous drops that paints our banner's stars and straps fake smiles and all these props it spreads like chicken pox and it cant be contained or put in a box obvious to the trained mind
One day I’ll liberate my soul; my own mishaps have created the insecurities that soon will fade away into a cloud of dust.
  You say you don’t like me I ask you why, is it because of my hair I don’t think that’s fair. Is it my clothes, I guess no one knows
Up on the polar ice, A family looms. Their beautiful snowy coats Glistening In the small sunlight left. Soon the icy winter Will pull through.   The cubs snuggle
I deserve respect You know you wouldnt talk to your mom like that I am a girl I am 15 I am black And I am smart With ambition  Nothing can beat that So why wont you respect me?
His love was coveted.   I wasn't.  His love was exactly the song I wanted to sing; the beat I wanted to dance to.  He was everything.  I was nothing. 
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
Kin has served World War I till now, On the battlefield for that single vow, freedom. Mundane citizens as you and I, Sign their names and legacy in the sky. Camouflaged to defend their home,
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
Self esteem SELF RESPECT   Feeling good about yourself, image and all. Having RESPECT for yourself, body and all.   Standing in the mirror, pleased with what you see.
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
I love the way the grass dances as the wind blows,  The way the trees sway,  And the howl of the wind.  The sky is baby blue with fluffy, scattered white clouds. A chill creeps up my spine. 
The first time, there was no fight, not a wrong or a right. It had stung just a bit, no punch, just a little hit. Not a drop of blood or a mark, but rather a swoop in the dark. I wanted to ask you to stop
"Am I too fat?" "Am I ugly?" "Am I pretty enough?" "What is wrong with me?" "There is something wrong with me..."
Reaching out to others in need, Eager to honor, serve, and keep Secrets of others, either family or friend, Privacy regarded, helping hands to extend. Etiquette minded, impeccable manners,
People are animals. We, once domesticated creatures, now are on a destructive regressive path. We are ending our own world. We are cracking our mother's heart with the pollution of our industries.
Life is too short, grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Life is too short, laugh when you can, it's a bonus. Life is too short, apologize, enhance, while you still have the chance. Life is too short,
A man What is that? What defines a man? Some would say a man is never wrong. If that were true the men would be extinct Perhaps a man is someone who fights in the streets
I am that boy who is kind, sweet, silly and all I always carried a smile that stretches my lips about a mile walking near my folks telling jokes tall in height always a delight seeing me on the spotlight
Oh Ya, By The Way Last night while you creeping around with that guy you met from the club, I was already with him. When you got home to your man and yall made sweet love, I began to flow right through him.
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Every day we are awakened by the alarming clock. Every moment should be great. Don't misuse love, because others don't get the love.
I refuse to allow you to disrespect me, to look over my curves, past my brown eyes and undress me. I refuse to allow you to talk to me any kind of way and try to feed me your repetitious lies.
The misconceptive claim That all men are the same Hurts males as a whole Because of the toll These women take From a manipulator’s mistake You know the intentional act To screw a girl over
Caring about yourself is hard to do. Especially if you're used to caring for someone else too. There's going to come a time when you just need to worry about yourself. Even if other people cry for help.
The National Musuem of African Art is filled with beautiful art from historical moments in time and indigenous native tribes but one vase in-particular caught my eye an elegant piece of tribal art
I am tired Of lies. Tired Of my disguise. I’m tired. I want to be free again; Free from the heart. I want to be me again; Free from insanity of humanity. I just want to be free.
I don't understand This violence It sickens me To be cruel is so easy Yet to be kind is so difficult. I find this hard to believe. Although to look on the outside To believe, is so difficult.
"His Gifts" By:Lynisha Arceus
Daddy’s Girl
“No. No. No. We are not like the other cells We are sophisticated and superior, living in houses and hotels No drinking via osmosis, but pull water from wells And we are called to worship God by the church bells”
If I am to be one thing, let me be transparent. No, not to fade off this earth. Let me reveal the dreams I nurture within me. Let my past be exposed. Let my inspirations and drives radiate through me—
Life, what is it that you cant do to me. What lessons, what fate is there that you are dying to show me. My hearts stopped, my mind is froze, my legs are locked so do your worse to me.
striking fear in someones eyes does not get them to Respect you. fear is an unpleasant emotion which only makes someone fretful
I'ts more than a game, It's a passion. I step on my mat, hungry for victory. Speed and strength is my disease... I attack like a beast with an assassin's mentality.
Angry tears Arched across my zygoma Flowing with rage...It’s colorful I can't think... my mind eclipse by sublte animosity Through holes I've imprinted with malice
Consider it a whirlwind. Everything is blurring around me faster and faster until I can't make out what it is. My eyes can't keep up.
Born with the XX chromosome, (Why?!) A little girl, Growing up in a world, Too big for her to understand. A dad, That got the hardest job: To protect his daughter, From the countless dangers,
A dream? Is that what this is to you? Because I thought it was a fairytale. The only difference is That there isn’t gonna be A happy ending That leaves butterflies In your daughter’s stomach
Lack of beauty, abundance of lust, risky relationships she cannot trust. Runs from herself to hide from her spouse, looks mighty in theory, in reality mouse. Attempts to be home when in her own house,
The Hunter’s Dilemma The hunter is a proud person Proud of where he comes from Proud of what he does And proud of what he has done.
What's there to do when you are on my mind Every thought seems to only be of you I see the truth but yet I still am blind What I feel is real and my heart is true My heart and mind seem to be in a war
L-O-V-E Is a four letter word love shouldn't be taken for granted But mean so much to someone that means so much to you Don't let love slip away Hold it forever in your heart Cherish each day
As long as its in the future time will move me toward it,so im going to keep on fighting, while im struggling but its worth it., tired of all the hatred,im tired of all the fighting, so tired of my own lies,sick of my self portrait, disliking who
Look around Tell me what you see It’s easy when it’s staring back at me May be foreign to the newest eyes Always pure behind the tallest disguise Let no fancy cloud your doubt It’s there, it’s there, shout
I was appealed by your appearance not gone lie i was intrigued by you but could you keep me played my cards right i had a full house but i guess you held the out roses left at my door step again
Anger is built up in me so! So much that my heart Is hurting to break The bones and organs and soul Of a fool who believes themself so bad. They think they are hard and right
You know that girl you talk about? The one that raises her little sister. Her mom is fighting in the army. You know that man you tease behind his back? The one with a missing leg. He lost it in battle to defend his country.
At break of day, the sun slices through purple darkness of night illuminating sincere faces of mountain’s cliffs. Rainbows shimmer like mother of pearl through mist hanging on
Raging under a constant turmoil Dealing with concepts so foreign What are the Taliban, ak-47s, and fear? As a child I did not understand these things. Please Dad, come home.
The tall prairie grass sways, almost as if it’s dancing, in the breeze. The same light breathe of air blows over your skin, wrapping you in its embrace. The bright, shinning sun watches over you in its bed of pure blue.
I am writing to you about this student, Who is much quieter than most. She hears the jeers as whispers, No wonder she’s morose
(poems go here) I laid on her like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,
I feel lost Like a tree in a city 10 feet from my closest friend But only able to say she’s pretty And I can see the people walking by
Consideration Integrity Values Independence Lively-hood Respect Innocence Generosity Hope Triumph Success
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
They walk among us unknown, Despite the courage they have shown, And we let this pass. They fought tooth and nail, To protect the flag we hail And we let this pass.
W…I…I…F…M… Can’t this acronym be a problem? What’s In It For Me? Not ‘she’, not ‘he’, not ‘we’ but ME
I'm all about respect, 'cause heck We're up to our neck In some vexing perplexities Like why our Mexican brothers Get stashed in a mash of trash Where, if you do the math, They just don't belong
Abstinance to Prevent Teen Pregnancy The practice of refraining from sexual activity for psychological, social or reasons religiously. Psychologically, you prevent the possibility of pregnancy, STDs, and extra responsibilities.
This man has given everything he has has given so many years of his life for you. To protect you. And you have the nerve - the sheer audacity - to fight? Your petty argument
Think before you do it Think before you risk everything Yeah he’s cute And he has a great smile But think before you do it There’s always a chance you will not be respected
Pregnancy has become a synonym for African American statistics. Average has become the definition of that. Holes in condoms. STD’s in a wet spot drowned in low self esteem and rumors made true.
Mix, Match Switch, Swap The mysteries don’t ever stop Flip, Flop Criss, Cross You’ll solve ‘em, now won’t ya boss? Toss, Catch Fail, Win Your ego is a savored sin
There are three layers of beauty: Scars, bruises, and then the cover up Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women – More than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined
It’s getting claustrophobic Between these four walls That try to kill me every day Because I won’t give in It never works, but I get paranoid Because everyone is watching Every single move I make
how is it i'm 35 and alive? my style is still fly like an eagle i see these young boys style sink like a battleship my game of basketball is crisp like kellogs frosted flakes
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