You sit in front of class

And read slides with eyes like glass

Waiting for the time to pass

While rebuking any sass

And you call yourself a teacher,

Though you sit up in the bleachers

Shouting like a preacher

Who hasn’t done his research.

What is it you expect?

Every student’s blind respect?

That won’t happen, can’t you see

When you insult so potently

By thinking that we will not see

You’re bluffing us quite blatantly.

What you assigned so eagerly,

And what you claimed would impact me

Insulted my intelligence,

Encouraged my indifference,

Assumed a lack of diligence,

Removed any exuberance.

Now readily I take offense.

Do you realize what you’ve done?

That I am not the only one

Who isn’t having any fun,

And places you under the gun

To earn respect you should have won.


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