With Love, Me.


South Africa

Dear 17 year old girl with a 5 year old heart staring back at me in the mirror:

You are growing up so fast.

Yesterday, you swung rung from rung on the monkey bars.

You painted portraits with your words at show and tell.  

You said your alphabet with pride and confidence showing through your smile.  

Today, you fell in love.  


You saw him the second he walked in the room, and that was it.  

His eyes.  

They scrunched with laughter at every goofy thing he said.  

His smile.

Those dimples made your face as red as an apple.  

His voice.

The very sound of it made your adrenaline rush.  


These things, these feelings-- they are wonderful.

They make your hands tingle and your heart warm.  

But, I must ask you a few favors.  


I need you to keep climbing those monkey bars.  

If he likes you, if he loves you, he will encourage you to persue whatever is at the other end of the jungle-gym.  


I need you to keep creating art with your words.

If he is worthy of all that you are, he will become a frequent visitor to the museum of your thoughts and ideas.


I need you to say those ABCs even louder.  

If he is the one, he will help you grow through learning, and never, ever, act condesending towards your intelligence.  


Please, do yourself a kindness, and treat your heart with care.  

With Love, 





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