Come Home


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Raging under a constant turmoil
Dealing with concepts so foreign
What are the Taliban, ak-47s, and fear?
As a child I did not understand these things.
Please Dad, come home.

You called us on the phone last night
I heard inflections of joy and sighs of relief
Your voice has adopted a gravelly texture
It makes the distance between us seem real.
Please Dad, come home.

I go to school each day and learn
I come home and think of you
But it’s during the night when the fear is worst
As if it was feeding upon the savory darkness
Please Dad, come home

I am too young to comprehend war
But I see the photographs of where you are
Your mountains look just like the ones here
If our mountains erupted in orange and gray
Please Dad, come home

It has been years since you came home
Just recently we discovered the words
Was my fear real? Even though so naïve
Or does this river of relief carry it all away?
Dad, you are home.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very touchy poem about your father

i'm sure your father hears your voice expressing worries about him serving the military and wars that is taking place

do you know where your dad is station? if you do , write a letter and send it to him

keep writing-great job


I love the line about how the mountains are the same. I like that sense of unity. Great poem, keep it up.


The poem brings a sense of togetherness with us here and your father there. 
How did you do that? :) it's so great!

Keep it up. Have courage. 


Great poem, keep it  up.


Love the repitition with the change at the end. Great poem

Sonja Hand

Reflexive, your poem brought emotions to the surface quickly.

I can relate to the abandonment. 

Love it,, and the questioning at the end leaves perplexing issues for the reader to contemplate.

Many of which are still discussed in media...

I know what your Dad did was important, I hauled for the military during that war.

I can say he is a hero.. although we personally may never know all the details.

I can say that he did a lot for all of us... hugs ok.

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