The Vase

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 06:35 -- Cryptic

The National Musuem of African Art
is filled with beautiful art from historical moments in time
and indigenous native tribes
but one vase in-particular caught my eye
an elegant piece of tribal art
with meticulous ridges for the best water concealment
without jeopardizing the revealment of native signs and symbols
that kindles a sense of pride and placement
temporarily connecting your mind with your soul
and as you inspected the side its as if a story was being told
seeing these scenes which fosters a thought
and from this thought
you listen to the sounds of the people and environment around
fostering imagination that no longer resided only in the mind
it not strikes your soul giving substance
making you feel as if your actually there
and before long the story repeats breaking my stare
releasing intellectual thoughts in the air
making me realize that description
I gave this object creation known as a vase
gives more respect and praise then society
gives the human creation known as the feminine race


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