I Am Free

I am not a prisoner.

Though I am bound by the shackles of life,

I remain strong.


I refuse to be put down

Do what you will to torture me,

I will remain standing


I am not a dog.

Order me around as you do,

I will no longer obey.


You cannot lock me up;

I am not one to be caged.

I will not do your bidding;

I am not one to be told.

And I will always smile;

I am not one to show my tears.


I am human;

I am fragile.

Like glass, I will shatter.

My pieces will scatter and some will be lost;

Though I may be broken,

I am not one to be replaced.


Accept me for who I am.


Do not try to fix me;

I am not one to conform.

Do not ignore me;

I am not one to be silent.

And do not say that you understand me;

I am not one to be lied to.


I am free.


Free from all this hate,

Free to love whomever I so chose,

And most of all,

I am free to be myself.







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