sex ≠ love

where did the minds of the people go?

the minds that love the idea of loving someone

giving yourself to someone, but not physically

instead, mentally and emotionally

showing your bareness to someone

giving them the chance to strip your walls down

not your clothes off

when did love turn into sex?

letting her eyes rest upon your naked body

has been made into a mark of love

a mark of love that should not determine

the amount of love to give

give all of your love, but not for sex

not for the naked silhouette before your eyes

but give all of your love for 

the light illuminating off her skin

when you play her favorite song

her radiating warmth

that manages to give you chills

her beautiful soul

in dire need of preservation 

there are not many souls like hers left

look into the depths of the lifeless bodies

who waste their lives focused not on love

but on sex

give your love for her soul, not for her body

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