Far From Perfection



She exploits her body to the opposite sex

Or the same sex

It doesn't matter right

As long as she gets her pay check

Because at the end of the night

Her pockets are full

$500 in tips

Not to take it would make her a fool

Or would it?

I mean I would think as long as I still have my dignity

I'm cool

But the story goes like this 

Too cool for school

They start to drool in there classes

So instead they start shaking their...behinds

Oops you thought I was about to say another word

But you see my sentence did not get slurred

Because behind

 is the proper word for it

But if demeaning words like a-s-s

And B-I-t-c-h

Keep being used to illustrate

The women of today's date

Then all will ever be is behind.

So how can you blame anybody

When music mainly talks about

A mans desire for a women's body.

 they say things like

Ooh, na-na

Look what you done started

Ooh, na-na

Why you gotta act so naughty

Ooh, na-na

I'm 'bout to spend all this cash

Ooh, na-na

If you keep shaking that,

Oh snap so your telling me

if I shake my butt for you

You'll give me a whole bunch of money?

Sounds easy enough right...

But Hey sister hasn't anybody ever told you

The easy road

is not the right way to life

Her answer was no.  

You see her road has always been a lonely one

One with no guidance no direction

And far from perfection

she searched for her soul

And she found it on the TV screen

Where her body played the lead role

She loved the new attention

The compliments she recieved

And just think she learned this all from Tv

But she soon learned that giving in to the "baby please!"

Or the "I swear I'm clean"

would only make her life a living catastrophe   

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